None taken!

So I’m sitting here at my desk at lunch, reading _Jon’s latest post. I’ve just finished the first sentence, and Elle (office mate, friend, and apparently someone who thinks I’m a total freak) is reading one of the gossip sites.

ELLE: I think it’s stupid that people make sex tapes.

[long pause, as I haven't even digested what she just said]

ELLE: No offense if you do.

This made me cackle.

SARAHK: You think I would DO THAT?

More cackle, this time from both of us.

She doesn’t. I think it was the long pause that threw her off. And for the record, I wouldn’t. Because if I know Frank, he’s the kind of guy who would sell that to TMZ the first time I forgot to put cheese on his salad. Ok, that sounded sexual and wasn’t intended that way. “Cheese on his salad” is innuendo for “cheese on his salad.” Anyway, my thunder thighs are not for being lookie-looed by the general public.

3 Responses to None taken!

  1. ummm, awkward topic shift.
    I’m sure my blog will luuurve the google links to sex tapes, internet, and “Cheese on his salad”….


    heh. :)

    Besides, it isn’t my post that’s important, it is Wretchard’s. And the comment by the embassy Marine – that was interesting.

  2. “Cheese on my salad” will now be a permanent addition to my vernacular!


  3. It’s 5:26 A.M. and I’m giggling… shame on you. ;)