My superpower is the ability to talk too much.

So Friday was payday, yay for that, I like money. Well, to make it an extra-special payday, the COO came around and handed out the checks. He was wearing a suit, and we were all in jeans, because it was Friday. So he came in, handed Elle and me our paychecks, and started chatting us up — that was a little challenging, because the first thing we do when we get our checks (stubs, really) is open them up and see what we got paid. It’s like we’re both hoping that one day, we’ll open up our paychecks and find a candy surprise that no one told us we were getting. Anyway, we had to refrain from opening our stubs, because that would be rude.

SARAHK: Could you hold on a second, Mr. COO? I want to see how much I got paid. Is there a special treat inside? No? Oh… awkward.

Of course, I felt pretty conspicuous anyway, because my desk, the area around it, and the desk that used to belong to our intern T have little SarahK Paper Explosions all over them. I felt the need to explain, which was totally retarded.

SARAHK: Oh… um… hi… Thanks for the… pay… I hate for you to see my desk like this… I’m just… um… See, I’m still finishing the quarter end close, and we’re starting on month end, so I’m wrapping up [one of my entities] and also working on [another of my entities] and… Well, one of these days, I’m gonna get all this stuff filed, and… ok then.

He told me that hey, it looks like I just have a lot of stuff going on right now. Oh yes, lots of debits and credits.

So Mr. COO kinda just hung out in our office for a few minutes. What are you doing for the weekend, here’s what I’m doing, glad it’s Friday, yes, me too. And of course the most exciting thing I had planned for the weekend was watching the series finale of Buffy and season five of Angel, and who told the COO that she’s currently obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That’s right. Me.

COO: Really? That’s an old one, right? Is it even on anymore?
SARAHK: Oh no, it was cancelled, but we have the special box set on DVD, and next week we’ll be getting the comic books that continue the series…
COO: Wow.

I even managed to go on and tell him that I used to be obsessed with ALIAS and that I go through phases with my TV and on it went.

COO: So, Elle, what about you? Doing anything fun this weekend?

She was planning to do normal things like float the Boise River and go white water rafting. I hate her.

4 Responses to My superpower is the ability to talk too much.

  1. dork. lovable dork.

  2. Darn! I was wishin’ and hopin’ that there was a bonus sittin’ there in that pay stub…….hmph….

  3. You’re not secretly related to Gullybabe, are you?