Latest obsession

Sheila will be happy to know I have a new one! I’m not talking about the Buffy/Angel obsession, because that’s been going on for a couple of months now. It does tie in to my American Idol obsession, though. My latest:


I’m not ashamed. I downloaded six of the songs he performed on AI this year plus his single, and I have been listening to those seven songs over and over and over. And then I’m looking back over the list of songs he did, going, “WHY, SarahK, WHY did you not download every single performance?” It totally sucks that they took those off iTunes the day after the finale. In fact, I look at the song list and am kind of aching to hear them all again. What I’m most baffled by is the fact that I downloaded more Jason Castro performances than David Cook ditties. Don’t get me wrong, I will gobble up a Castro album, but I’m still kind of so over him. Not so over DC.

I knew I had it bad when I was cooking the other night, and Frank asked me if I wanted him to put something on the TV for me. Normally, I do want that, because I like to listen to shows while I putter around the kitchen. But I was making the avocado chicken salad, and when Frank asked, I could think of only one thing I really wanted: David Cook on the iPod. “No thanks, I’ve got my iPod.” What? Yeah, so David and I danced around the kitchen as I cooked, and that’s when I knew I had it bad for his voice.

I just wanted y’all to know.

4 Responses to Latest obsession

  1. Yay!!! This made me so happy to read. You have a kindred spirit in my sister, who is also all about David Cook right now.

  2. Haha, I knew you would be happy about it. :)

  3. My wife was high-fiving everyone everywhere when Cook beat out the Crown Prince.

    OH – that reminds me, I have to put up a special mid-year AI Water Cooler. If not tonight, then hopefully Wednesday. (Tuesday is hockey, y’all.)

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