Wednesday I had to stop on my way to work to get something for lunch, because we had no bread and no leftovers. Amy’s Organics haven’t been doing it for me lately, mainly because I can’t eat the cheesy Mataar Paneer, and the GF/DF enchiladas contain lots of corn (which I’m trying to avoid, except that I’ve cheated heavily this week by eating a most heavenly sinful snack more than once). So I went to the organic section at Fred Meyer looking for a can of GF soup (Pacific Foods has several flavors I can eat). On my way to the soups, I saw Tasty Bites. I found a couple of varieties that I could eat — gluten-free, Kosher, vegan. Yay, because vegan means, among other things, no dairy. I decided to pick up two boxes and try them out. Wednesday I had the Bengal Lentils, and they were exactly what the name said: tasty. Today I did bring myself a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, but I’m meeting my MIL and SIL for sandwiches, Jamba Juice, and Mamma Mia after work, so I decided to save that sandwich for then. Which gave me a chance to try the other tasty dish I’d bought: Bombay Potatoes. I took one bite, and my tastebuds were mighty happy.

So I immediately found that Amazon sells many flavors, so I ordered a 12-pack of each of the flavors I have already tried. They’ll be great as last-minute lunches and also alone or over rice as a quick side dish when I make jalapeno chicken, which has a nice Indian-ish zing to it. There are several more flavors out there that I can eat, but I want to try them each before I commit to 12-packs.

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  1. Yeah, 12 packs is a lot, isn’t it? I worry I’ll be like the cat and decide I don’t like it all of a sudden, and then I’m left with a bunch. Those sound interesting; I like spicy. I do the “yay” thing with vegan = no dairy, too.

    They’re redoing the natural foods section at the one supermarket that has the best one, and it’s torture. I need plain almond milk!