Stunned and saddened

One of the best musicians in the world has died. LeRoi Moore, whose bari sax solos have made me tingle with joy at Dave Matthews Band concerts, died unexpectedly today. He had an ATV accident about six weeks ago and was recovering at home.

I’m just in shock. So sad. What a great talent.

R.I.P., LeRoi. You will always rock my sox.

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

But everyday should be a good day to die
Oh all fall down
It won’t be too long now
Every fire dies
I find it hard to explain how I got here
I think I can I think I can
Then again I will falter
Dream little darling dream

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

-from “You Never Know”

3 Responses to Stunned and saddened

  1. Damn it! I just said to my brother, it comes in 3s.
    I have the live version of “Grace is Gone” on my favorites list, and listen to it just about every day. It gives me such a good feeling. LeRoi really jams, and when he puts his two hands together, then agains’t his cheek, It’s just the sweetest move. BUMMER! I know the band must be devestated. My heart goes out to them, and I know I’ll sure miss him.

  2. I heard this on the radio just now! It’s just so, well, unexpected. If the band ever wanted to play live in the future, they just can’t now. No way they could replace him, and I doubt they would even try.

  3. playjojo, I love all of LeRoi’s solos (the big and the subtle), but when he would get going on the bari sax, I got even happier.

    maya, they actually have been playing live since his accident about 7 weeks ago. The saxophonist for Bela Fleck & the Flecktones has been sitting in in LeRoi’s place. The CNN article said that they were intending to still play their show last night.