Alice H is in Denver and has lots of pictures of the protests going on at the convention. Here is the latest installment, but after that go to her homepage and see the rest. Poor horses, having to wear windshields.

3 Responses to DNCC

  1. Poor horsies have to wear windshields so the crazy protesters don’t throw yucky stuff in their eyes. Better a windshield than yucky stuff. I don’t know if they have horsie gas masks, if I get a chance I’ll ask a horsie police tomorrow.

    If you’re REALLY bored, I’m twitting the convention too. Username Alice_H

  2. OK, I asked one of the mounted police yesterday. Apparently the gas they use is some sort of organic thing that horse tear ducts don’t respond to, so there’s no need for horsie gas masks. They wouldn’t tell me what the organic spray was, probably because I was in the middle of a pack of IVAW protesters who had been screaming ‘Eff the police!’ just a few minutes before. (No, I wasn’t screaming with them.)

  3. and if you need to edit my post to remove the masked profanity, I totally understand. Not awake yet, should have figured out a better way to put it.