Cold front

We should watch the local news more, because the cold front (and the insane wind gusts it brought with it) caught us completely by surprise. We’re supposed to have a high in the seventies today.

I have pictures and an injured toe from last night, but those will have to come later, as the news kind of has me in no mood to finish my post about it. Meanwhile, ten homes were destroyed and one person is dead after the fires last night. We’re fine, but I think Rowdi is still angry at the big bad wind that attacked the house. If she could have caught it, I’m pretty sure she would have killed it.

5 Responses to Cold front

  1. sarah…i had no idea anything like that happened! did you guys have to evacuate? how close were the fires to you? call me. mommy

  2. The fires were far from us. Miles and miles.

  3. oh…good. glad to hear that. give rowdi a hug from her grandma. and sidney minerva and the black one…just kidding…i know her name is omen. she’s sweet in a dark sort of way.

  4. How scary! There was a bad fire recently at some apartments in the town I drive through to get to work, but that was a construction error that could’ve been prevented. Wildfires are probably a different story. But it scared me enough to go order a decal to put in my window so the fire department knows there’s a kitty in here.

  5. Wow, I had no idea that was happening, either. Glad you’re safe! Poor Rowdi. I hope that big bad wind leaves her alone.