Those Republicans

Such women haters. Misogynists, always trying to keep the women down. Unlike Team Obama.

McCain went all-in with his VP pick, and I think it’s going to be huge with the conservatives. It’s huge in our household, anyway. How much do I love this Sarah Palin pick? This morning, I told Frank something I never thought I would say, “If McCain picks her, I will actually donate to his campaign.” Well played, McCain, well played.

This is all I’ve been able to think about today, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say.

10 Responses to Those Republicans

  1. It’s all I’ve been able to think about too!
    And I’m still waiting to hear Frank’s take on it over at IMAO!

  2. I’m actually excited about the campaign now.

  3. I’m a staunch progressive, but I think he did well, politically, with his pick. Now, the conservative men in my office disagree. But the weirdest thing to me is that I’m good friends with someone who’s good friends with the governor. I’ve certainly never been two degrees away from a VP candidate before.

  4. Go Sarah… K!

  5. being from AK I’m pretty excited. I’ve actually met Sarah Palin. She is very down to earth and super nice. plus because of her all of us Alaskans get a gas relief check! That’ll help :)

  6. We are thrilled here too! :) Yay!

  7. You made one of those deals, too? I said if McCain chose a pro-life veep, I’d join the local Young Republicans group to see if I could help with the campaign. Didn’t think it was going to happen!

    P.S. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll! :)

  8. Wow: Sarah Palin is about to become a grandma – but she’s still a bad ass

  9. already donated right after he chose Palin! Yeah conservatives!