Conventional wisdom

Tonight at the convention pretty much made me pee my pants with glee.

*The video about Michael Monsoor made me pretty much lose it. You too? I didn’t figure I was alone. Beautiful tribute, thank you, Gary Sinise.
*How hot does the First Lady look tonight? Man. She’s gotten even more beautiful over the years. And what a speech. We couldn’t have asked for a better First Lady. Full of class.
*President Bush’s speech is excellent.
*FRED! speaks next. Holy cow, the dude is on FIRE. I’ve never seen him with so much energy. Who gave him a six pack of Red Bull? At his age, that can’t be good for his heart. This speech is so full of red meat I’m getting cholesterol.
*LOL. Did y’all see when Fred mentioned the McCains’ kids, Cindy turned around and told one of her adult sons to wave? It was so cute. Such a mom.
*FRED! Yeah, Fred kicked pinkytoe hard. In particular Obama’s pinkytoe. I loved those sharp barbs he threw out there. And also the mega-support for Sarah Palin.
*Joe Lieberman’s speech was good, too. But I felt for him, having to follow such a bleeding red, meaty speech from Fred. I don’t agree with all of Joe’s points and opinions, but I respect that man more than most in Congress, including most Republicans. He has his principles, he stands by them, even when it means being ostracized by his party.
*Did anyone else have issues with Fox’s feed? By the time Brit Hume came on to talk about Fred’s speech, we were sure that Max Headroom was doing the talking.
*Newt is as in to Sarah Palin as I am. And he’s right: Tomorrow night, if she even gets on base, she’s hit a homerun. Personally, I think she’s going to nail her speech. I’m not the slightest bit worried. She’s gonna rock America’s sox. You watch.

One more thing. I have to admit that even if McCain hadn’t picked Palin to be his running mate, I would have been happier about voting for McCain after tonight’s speeches, especially Fred’s. Of course, having Sarah on the ticket makes me cautiously gleeful.

McCain/Palin ’08!

7 Responses to Conventional wisdom

  1. Hear, hear. My sentiments EXACTLY on every single point. Fred! wiped the floor with Obama, and by gum, he actually made me excited about John McCain. I don’t think anyone else but Fred! could’ve done that.

    And I wept like a baby at the Monsoor video. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. In fact, I rewound it (thank you DirecTV) and made Rick come in and watch it. Seeing those Seals putting their tridents on Monsoor’s coffin pretty much sent me over the edge.

    Fred! — he was pretty much electrifying tonight.

  2. Fred Thompson astounded! Where was that man when he himself was running?? He cleaned the dems clocks last night and I loved every minute! And Joe did really well too for his friend. President Bush rocked and had more of a sense of humor in his little toe than Obama has in his whole body! Yeah Republicans!!!!!!!!!

  3. Over at Wizbang they’re reporting that ABC, CBS and NBC spent the time during Fred!’s speech talking to each other. We watched it on PBS, and boy am I glad I did. That was fabulous!

  4. We had to watch it online because the major stations didn’t have Fred on…didn’t think to try PBS…I cant wait for Sarah’s speech tonight!!!

  5. Teh Fred did ROCK didn’t he?

  6. I didn’t think to watch it live, but once I heard Fred!’s speech, I was stupid excited for McCain and I have been … lukewarm, at best, about him. Can’t wait to see what the lovely Mrs Palin has to offer us tonight!

  7. After McCain stole Obama’s lunch money at the Saddleback Forum, I was a lot more energized about him. But the Palin pick, and now the news I’m reading about the speeches? Hot diggity!

    There have even been early rumors from the great unwashed Northeast that McCain may carry New Jersey. That’s hope I can change in!