Holy crap.

We’re gonna win. Y’all are watching, right? As Allah said, “Strident Obama partisans are excused from rooting for her; everyone else needs a note from mom.” So say we all.

Sarah Palin is telling me I should vote for John McCain. Well, um… yeah, ok. I’ll do whatever that saucy broad tells me to do.

I’m kind of in love with her. And that hubba husband of hers, soon to be the Second Dude. And Piper, who is just absolutely positive that all those people are applauding for her. We are, little Pipey, my new pet. Sorry, Tracey, hope you weren’t looking to replace your Beefy Peach. Pipes, I shall keep you in a cupboard under the stairs, and someday soon, you can go to Hogwarts.

By the way, Rowdi is forlorn and a little stung by the pit bull / hockey mom remark. But whatevs, I told her to get over it, because everyone knows that Pit Bull / Shepherd Mixes are always just looking for ways to be offended. Parse every remark, look for insults. It’s the Shepit way.

My mom called to see what I thought of the speech. I was still hyperventilating and all that, but I did ask: What’s the deal with Willow? She’s the only child they never mention, and that kind of sucks. I love her and her name and her beautiful smile! You know what my mom said? “Well, I think it’s because she’s… well… the middle child.” I should have known. Probably why I feel such a kinship with her. She’s my new BSF (Best Sister Forever). Oh ha, I still can’t get over Mike Huckabee the other night saying “BFF” and then defining BFF (for the uninformed among us) as “Best Female Friend.” Politicians amuse me.

Greta just called Idaho “Iowa.” Stay sharp, Gretsky.

All these states are passing! I am furious! Someone explain! Why isn’t every state casting votes for Sarah!?

This just in… all the states are being classy and passing so that Arizona can be the state to push McCain over the delegate count he needs to win the nomination. I’m no longer furious!

And there you go. John McCain is officially our nominee.

If you missed the speech (you know the one), Hot Air has video and the transcript.

9 Responses to Holy crap.

  1. Very confident and natural in the delivery. There was some genuine anger in her eyes as she spoke in regards to the treatment her family has received, but I love how at the end they gave a big “FU” to the Democrat surrogates in the media at by including the daughter’s fiance up on stage, thus proudly declaring him as family. I love the attitude. McCain may have really angered me in many ways, but I am willing to be more pragmatic because he has put Gov. Palin on the ticket. I don’t think her gender matters – Sarah Palin is a real leader and I think she will be the next POTUS after McCain.

    Still, there are two months of heavy pounding to be endured and I don’t think we’ve seen the worst yet. The left is in an apoplectic panic and there is no limit to the depths they will plumb.

  2. Oh, thank you!

    I am glad I am not the only woman who has a totally in heart with her because she rocks crush! I mean, she makes McCain look totally kick pinky-toe!

    How much better can you get?

  3. still feeling the post-Sarah glow. I hope she keeps up this level of beautiful snark.

  4. Just wow! She’s not the Barracuda anymore; now she’s the Cuisinart! I laughed, I cried, I actually think I floated off my chair with delight! The Washington elite, the media, the liberals… all mincemeat. Do you think Obama (or as I call him now O’Crap) feels like he has a moose antler up his behind?

  5. Love her!

  6. I think I’m in love with her a little bit too. I heard someone say that she comes off tough, strong and no-nonsense WITHOUT being abrasive and un-ladylike. That’s a perfect way to describe her I thought.

    I’m shocked and irritated beyond words at some of the “criticism” of her. I heard a liberal say today that she shouldn’t REALLY be applauded for having a special needs child, because she’s rich and can afford it. Or something along those lines. Can you imagine if people were criticizing a Democrat woman for being too rich to really know what it’s like to have a baby with Down’s?

  7. Pretty impressive speech. :)

  8. Love her. Girl-crushing on her. And Pipey. You’ve already claimed her as your pet, sarahk, so I can’t be bitter. I’ve got the beefy peach AND my personal Piper, so that ain’t bad. Plus, we all need pets.

  9. I am so excited. That was fantastic. I heart her and her whole family. McCain made a great choice.

    My husband told me that I should join the PTA so he can go buy a snowmobile.

    I think my husband hearts her too. :)