Desitin, please

This double standard really chaps my butt.

The condescension coming from the left and/or the media (it’s hard to tell which is which) about Sarah Palin simply reading a speech has me ready to go shoot a moose and eat it tartare in response. That was the first thing Mort Kondracke said last night after she had delivered her zing-filled, zesty speech: that of course, she didn’t write it, but she did a great job reading it. At least one other pundit on the Fox roundtable touched on her not writing the speech, before Brit Hume finally asked if that were fair to point out that she didn’t write her speech. After all, he pointed out, all politicians have speech writers, and all politicians read the speeches that someone else wrote. I mean, Duh. Do you think Barack wrote his rhetoric-filled speech full of fluff? Right. Get back to me when Barack makes up a sentence composed of five words or more, and he can’t have used the words hope or change anywhere in the sentence. I won’t hold my breath.

Mark Halperin gives her an A+ on last night’s speech. Then he condescends. “She read the teleprompter like a champ, with fine, varied pacing and conversational projection.” Read the teleprompter like a champ? Cram it, loser. You wouldn’t say such things if she were an old Washington insider or a man from the Ivy Leagues. You’d talk about what an amazing speech she gave, and no one would speak of teleprompters and the great ability to read something someone else wrote.

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7 Responses to Desitin, please

  1. Maybe when Obama gets ripped by O’Reilly tonight, they will see that he can’t form a coherent thought!

  2. How utterly condescending can the MSM get? Wait, don’t answer that.

  3. Yeah, I noticed that too. And I gotta give props to Brit for pointing that out.

  4. And her teleprompter wasn’t working properly to boot.

  5. The book: “Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear” is now #12 on Amazon’s Bestseller list:

    Rock it, Sarah.

  6. uhh, the teleprompter thing (at least on how well you read it) is kinda a non-issue. I mean, even if she wrote her own speach, she’d still be reading it off the ‘prompter. And the ability to do that without looking like you are doing it is a vital political skill these days. Sarah is a MASTER at this – as several of the commentators (even lefty crypto-communist ones) said, she is a NATURAL!!!

    The thing I heard (tho i dont know if it is true) is that they had the WRONG speech (or at least the wrong version of the speech) on the teleprompter! If this is true, and she was using the ‘prompter, memory, and ad lib to put together a speech that was that effortless – she is more than a natural, she is also a GENIUS!

    Plus, I have *never* seen a pol look like they were having as much fun as she obviously was.

  7. I don’t recall who, but some speaker had a 2 hours speech in Gettysburg that was all memorized. I think it was during Lincoln’s time? Geeze. It was in January. And hundreds of people stood there listening. No PA. No teleprompters. wow.