Europe is so much more enlightened than the U.S.

They spend so much time criticizing us and threatening that the world will be most displeased — maybe even displeased enough to send a telegram saying as much — if we don’t elect Barack Obama. We’re a bunch of hillbillies if we would dare have a vice president who could survive in the wild as long as she had a gun, a knife, some sticks, and a match — how quaintly dreadful of us. We are in for a right tantrum if we don’t become enlightened and elect the (half) black man.

Meanwhile, Shari’a law is going to take over Great Britain.

Islamic sharia law courts in Britain are exploiting a little-known legal clause to make their verdicts officially binding under UK law in cases including divorce, financial disputes and even domestic violence.

I guess we know whether Britain is going to protect the rights of their female citizens. That’s a definitive NO. From now on, when I hear Brits and American expatriates whining about how McCain and Palin want to protect the lives of babies and want to take away women’s rights to do as they please with their bodies, I’m going to do nothing but laugh heartily. Possibly even die laughing. Conservatives supposedly want to control women’s bodies (it’s about protecting the innocent, stupids, not about controlling the women), and the socialists across the pond screaming about that most heinous injustice are the same ones who will allow Shari’a to murder women if they accidentally show a little bit of ankle skin.

A new network of courts in five major cities is hearing cases where Muslims involved agree to be bound by traditional sharia law, and under the 1996 Arbitration Act the court’s decisions can then be enforced by the county courts or the High Court.

And any Muslim women who would agree to be bound by traditional Shari’a law would be forced to agree under threat of honor killing — same result, only this way the Brits are legitimizing and legalizing the torture and murder of women.

Officials behind the new system claim to have dealt with more than 100 cases since last summer, including six involving domestic violence which is a criminal rather than civil offence, and said they hoped to take over growing numbers of ‘smaller’ criminal cases in future.

“Officials,” I assume, are Muslim clerics?

Oh, hang on. I have to catch my breath after reading the caption under the picture in the article.

Women are likely to suffer more if sharia law, which does treat women equally to men, becomes an accepted legal avenue

Women are likely to suffer more, but they’re treated equally to men? And has the person who wrote this article ever heard of Shari’a law? Women are treated like dogs. Men are treated like they are above reproach. Surely there is a typo in there somewhere.

Critics fear Britain’s Islamic hard-liners will now try to make sharia law the dominant legal system in Muslim neighbourhoods, and warn that women often receive less favourable treatment at the hands of the traditional Islamic courts.

And once they’ve taken over the Muslim neighborhoods and turned those clocks back hundreds of years, they’ll start to infringe on the surrounding areas, until all of the areas melt together and Britain is completely under Shari’a law. Oh, and the expatriates won’t be able to return to the States either, because it’s a little hard to get out of a Shari’a country to return to the Great Satan.

The issue erupted into a major controversy earlier this year after the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams claimed publicly that formal recognition of sharia law ‘seemed unavoidable’

You stay relevant, Church of England. I mean, you’re the official church of England. I’m glad America doesn’t have an official church, but if we did, I’d be a little ticked off if the head of the Church of America just gave up and said, “Well, it’s inevitable, so let’s bring in the caliphate and call it a day. Hail, Islam!”

Yeah, I know, that’s not exactly what he said, but he might as well have. He’ll be saying it soon enough if he wants to live.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal panels, set up by lawyer Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, are now operating in London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Nuneaton, with more planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Those are major cities, right? Shari’a law is operating with the consent of the British government in major cities. I’d start making plans to get out if it were me, but then again, I like freedom. I was at a retreat with the church ladies Saturday, and we were talking about different countries in which we might live. There were a few of us who agreed — there is no place we’d rather live than America. I said, “Yeah, I could maybe stay somewhere for a few months, but I’d have to come back. I really like freedom.” One of the ladies replied to me that there are a lot of free countries in the world. I told her that I can’t think of any that have the same freedoms of America. Free speech, right to bear arms, and oh yeah — right for women to not be treated like dogs. Right to worship Whomever or whatever you choose or to not worship at all.

Not so in other “free” countries — not for much longer anyway.

But as well as civil disputes they have also handled six cases of domestic violence.

In all six cases, he said, sharia judges ordered husbands to take anger management classes and mentoring from community elders, but issued no further punishment.

I don’t know, maybe the Shari’a judges should order Islam to take anger management classes. Yeah, that’s right. I went there.

All the women subsequently withdrew their complaints to the police, who halted investigations.

All the women will be subsequently murdered by their families for “dishonoring” their husbands.

Mr Siddiqi claimed the advantage was that marriages were saved and couples given a second chance.

Translation: Women were forced to stay with their abusive husbands, and husbands were given a second chance at beating them into submission.

The Ministry of Justice said: ‘Sharia law is not part of the law of England and Wales, and the Government has no intention of making any change that would conflict with British laws and values.

‘In all arbitrations, decisions will be enforceable by the English courts if the requirements of the 1996 Arbitration Act are satisfied. If any decisions by these Tribunals were illegal or contrary to public policy under English law, they would not be enforceable.’

Good luck with that. The women sentences will be beaten or murdered carried out before the decisions can be reviewed. You watch.

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  1. When I lived in the U.K. for a couple years in the early 90′s, the ‘Islamic Congress’ in their annual meeting made quite a commotion when they pronounced that muslims were not bound by British law – there was much public, vocal anger at the time directed toward the statement. Twenty years later, I cannot detect as much denouncement of this other than the alarm sounded by this story and the one in the Times.

    So, extrapolate that out another 20 years and what you will find is that the clueless, self serving British political class will have allowed (encouraged, actually) a barbaric but parallel legal system to have achieved a deeply entrenched legitimacy with it’s own law enforcement, taxation, and parliamentary system. The populace will not fail to see striking contrast between the two and the everyday injustice and oppression it will cause and will find it increasingly difficult to pretend otherwise.

    I’ll use my favorite analogy. It’s like a glacier: You know where it originated, you see where it is and its direction of travel, you know where it will end, and you are powerless to stop it. The best you can hope for is to punch a few small holes in it with a blow torch of rhetoric – but you’re not stopping it.

    These are the opening chapters of will eventually be known as the next English civil war. It will be violent and protracted. I won’t pretend to know how it will end.

    The vast majority of the British population is asleep and has been for a long time (it’s a cultural sleep that makes us Americans look like amateurs). Until the shooting starts, they’ll be content at the Pub, the Off-License shop, reading the Sunday Sport, and watching football on TV. The attentive ones are already emigrating, if they can, and I don’t think there will be another Thatcher to rescue the nation. If you are of a mind to visit and see things before they are gone, do so within the next ten years.

  2. I’ll refrain from using the profanity this ruling so richly deserves.

    All I can add is thank God I was in Florida when I divorced my abusive ex-husband, and am therefore alive to tell the tale.

  3. how very sad. a great ally destroyed from within…WAKE UP OH GREAT COUNTRY OF ENGLAND!!!

  4. After we’re done in the Middle East, maybe we can liberate Middlesex?

    From the halls of Montezuma
    To the shores of Liverpool

  5. The democrats want us to be good citizens of the world. I wonder if they would promote the same here under their value of inclusivity for all. They have a history of accepting that which which most ordinary folk have wouldn’t understand, due to their ‘enlightenment’ and understanding of the world.

    The below is from my blog. It’s not quite the same subject, but I think the point will be clear.

    From Big Al’s dismal Swamp:
    More important than lipstick on a pig…
    09 17 2008
    Both sides seem to be going at it tooth and nail, and each comment and commercial is picked over and through for the odd miscue. Then with each come the accusations and innuendos, attacking and tearing down the other side. Even what should be a prestigious and unbiased website,, seems to have jumped onto the “yes, but” bandwagon. What is so upsetting to me in all the “attacks” and attempts at “destruction” it all boils down to huff and puff over fluff and stuff… no real issues, No REAL arguments are made. No…substance to any of it.

    There are REAL and SERIOUS issues out there and the press is ignoring them, concentrating on parsing generalities. Take a look at the following video. This is serious stuff…

    What you are seeing is a serious candidate for President of the United States of America campaigning for a Communist. Well, they call themselves “Socialists”, but that’s just so it sounds better. SOCIALIST is Political Correct speak for “COMMUNIST”. Same thing, no difference.

    The candidate which Barack Obama is campaigning for is Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and, believe it or not, a Senator from that state.

    Sanders, who won his seat in 2006, called Obama “one of the great leaders of the United States Senate,” … imagine that, a “socialist”, against whom we spent years and years and BILLIONS of our tax dollars trying to defeat in far away places around the world… well, what can you say. We don’t hear much about this stuff in the press, so… nobody knows, nobody cares. Accident?

    According to the website Atlas Shrugs, Obama has other controversial socialist connections. He is, in fact, an associate of a Chicago-based Marxist group.

    He received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat. DSA describes itself as the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. The Socialist International (SI) has what is called “consultative status” with the United Nations. In other words, it works hand-in-glove with the world body.

    The United Nations connection is important and significant because an Obama bill, “The Global Poverty Act,” has just been rushed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with the assistance of Democratic Senator Joe Biden, the chairman, and Republican Senator Richard Lugar. The legislation (S.2433) commits the U.S. to spending hundreds of billions of dollars more in foreign aid on the rest of the world, in order to comply with the “Millennium Goals” established by the United Nations.

    Another group associated with the SI is the Party of European Socialists (PES), PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen reported that European socialists held a meeting “in the Democrats HQ in Washington,” met with officials of the party and Democratic members of Congress, and agreed that “PES activist groups” in various U.S. cities would start working together. “Democrats”, Howard Dean said, want to be “good citizens of the world community.”

    This stuff is significant, yet you hear little to nothing about it on the news. Why? Certainly this is more important to America than some bridge to nowhere….