Fall is in the air

Ah. Yesterday was so nice. I wore short sleeves to church, but when we left, it was a little chilly. By the time we got home (after a visit to Frank’s grama), it was still chilly! And this is after I was dripping sweat at a teambuilding picnic on Friday in the park. It was so cool yesterday that we turned off the air conditioner (which wasn’t running due to how cold it was in the house) and turned on the fireplace for a few hours. (Minerva, of course, was the first to claim the spot in front.)

When we pulled up to visit Frank’s grama, I was struck by the trees. The locusts were already losing leaves and turning colors! Y’all just don’t know how happy this makes me, to have leaves turn colors and fall off the trees. Okay, if you’ve read here for any period of time, you probably do know how happy this makes me. Fall is my very favorite season, followed closely by winter, so we’re entering six months of awesome.

I’m hoping that it doesn’t warm back up (according to AccuWeather, today’s high is 68, though it is expected to warm up into the low 80s later in the week), because I want to do fall things already. I want to bake a pumpkin pie with a flaky crust (I have hope in one of my recent GF baking book purchases). I want to make cornbread dressing and homemade cranberry sauce. I want to tell myself I’m crazy when I grill outside in sweats, gloves, and a winter hat. I want to go to the Pieras’ Halloween party — um, that’s not happening, since we’re over 2000 miles away from it this year, but maybe I can send them a Halloween gift basket to remind them how much more fun their party would be if we were there. They’ll miss Hermione Granger and her ninja friend. We even have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, so I want to hand out candy to the little rugrats — do Mormons do Halloween? Just in case they don’t, I’ll make sure our candy is gluten-free so I can scarf down the leftovers.

So what I’m saying is I love fall, period. I haven’t had one since 2004, so I’ll probably be giddy all season. And starting today, I’m carrying my camera with me everywhere. I was too lazy to take pictures of our colorful spring, but this is fall.

7 Responses to Fall is in the air

  1. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. But I like winter even less.

  2. Your funny– of course MORMONS do Halloween…Maybe you are thinking of the JWs, they don’t celebrate much, according to my sis in law who is JW and married to a Mormon…But anyway– the way most LDS churches around here do it– they have a “Trunk or Treat” at the church they attend– the kiddies and parents dress up as what ever they want, they have a pleasant dinner with other members of the congregation and then outside to collect candy from the trunks of cars–the intention is for added safety, most parents make a few stops around the hood to collect more on their way home. Make sure you keep your light on until you are out of candy! We’ll be coming your way…(ps– I like chocolate…)

  3. Silly, you can bake a pumpkin pie any time of the year! OK, you’ll have to use pumpkin from the can (is it GF?) and that tastes exactly like the real thing, right? All right, maybe not. Seriously, though, after living in E. Washington for 11 years, I was super excited to see and feel an actual Fall on the east coast. I still like the warmer weather better than dreary, but the color in the trees make it almost worth it.

  4. I love fall too. When I saw that it was supposed to be in the high 70s here this week in Michigan, I said to myself ‘I am so done with shorts.’ I just want sweaters and sweatshirts.

  5. Do we do Halloween? DO WE EVER!!!
    Think of it this way, we don’t drink, we don’t smoke…we gotta have the candy!!
    Make sure you go to the Corn Maze and the Scarecrow Fair thingy in Meridian!!

  6. Enjoy it for me sweetie! I miss it terribly. Already….

  7. short sleeves to church? heavens!