The Gluten-Free Dinner Menu volume 5

Or 6, I don’t know.

*Buffalo wings, with ranch dipping sauce. I know that some blue cheese is not made from bread mold, but I’m still not healed, so I’m not willing to risk it.
*Garbanzo bean salad. Canned garbanzo beans, drained, with olive oil, garlic, red onion, cilantro, a splash of balsamic vinegar, Kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper.
*Fresh berries with goat cheese

*Avocado Salad with Orange-Wasabi Glazed Chicken.
*Fresh berries with goat cheese

*Grilled sole (I’m going to use the ingredients in this recipe)
*Boiled zucchini with salt & pepper. You can grill it or saute if you prefer, but I’ve always loved zucchini even boiled.
*Fresh berries with goat cheese (I’m kind of on a berries and goat cheese kick this week, can you tell?)

*Chile garlic BBQ salmon (substitute Tamari for the soy sauce).
*Chebe, made flatbread style, topped with sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar, and probably goat cheese.
*Fresh berries with… goat cheese!

*Chicken tikka masala
*Brown basmati rice
*Garlic-cilantro gluten-free na’an. For garlic-cilantro na’an, I just add chopped fresh garlic and cilantro to the dough before rolling it into balls. Also, because of my too-much-dairy-makes-me-sick problem, I use coconut milk for both the milk and the yogurt. Also, we usually use egg replacer instead of eggs. Coconut or olive oil for the oil. It comes out very fluffy. It’s not going to have the same texture as all-purpose-flour na’an, but in my opinion it is even better.

*Grilled salmon. I coat the salmon in Old Bay, a little bit of garlic powder, and a lot of Frank’s hot sauce.
*Roasted beet wedges. We had these Sunday night, and wow, they were good. Just roasted in olive oil with salt & pepper. Even Frank liked them. But don’t freak out when your poo is purple. I was expecting it, so I didn’t call an ambulance.
*Fresh berries and goat cheese

*Spicy garlic salmon. I used more like five or six dried chiles. This was very yummy. (I go out of order on my menu depending on my mood, if you can’t tell.)
*Cabbage. I like to saute it with coconut oil, GF worcestershire sauce (not too much), salt & pepper.