The improvements made to the bailout bill

Thank House Republicans for making major improvements to the bailout bill. I still hate it, and I still want to know whether credit cards and student loans are included as they were before, but until then, I’m less opposed to the inevitable bill (which is the best you’re going to get from me).

And while you’re thanking people, I know we can’t stand him, but you thank John McCain for backing up Boehner at the White House meeting and agreeing that we needed to reign in this big, ugly dog.

If you’re conservative like me and still haven’t made up your mind to vote for McCain, do me a big favor and consider this: the next Treasury secretary will be appointed by the next president. And that Treasury secretary is going to have a stinking lot of power, oversight committee or not (we see how well committees did for the banks and Freddie and Fannie). Also remember that this is making government bigger, and our best hope for making government smaller is the stubborn man we all love to hate. I get that your principles are urging you loudly not to vote for him, but remember that you have more than one principle. And read this.

UPDATE: I know the bill failed, but don’t breathe your sigh of relief yet. It could become worse (back to the way the Democrats initially had it).

2 Responses to The improvements made to the bailout bill

  1. SarahK go read Dave Ramsey’s website.
    He has a plan that is cheaper and makes a whole lot more sense. I have already contacted my reps regarding it.

  2. I’ve never been a big McCain fan, but I have always respected him. He marches to a bit of a different drummer than most politicians, so that means he steps on many toes along the way. Like him or not, this election is so important I HAVE to give my vote to the man. You don’t like the discriptive language that I’d like to use in discribing what we’d be if Obama wins, but I’d think you know. Thanks for suggesting to your fellow musers to go ahead and hold their nose and vote for America this time. And look at it like this, in four more years Jindal should have Louisiana straightened out so a Palin/Jindal match might be just the ticket back! Or maybe Newt may be finished with whatever it was that kept him out of this one… There is hope yet, and it’s initials don’t start with a B and a O.