Yet another near-death experience, part 2

Part 1.

I finally found a turnout, three or so miles north of Banks, and pulled out. At this point I made a most egregious error in judgment. I had directions, and I knew I was north of where I needed to be, but I decided to plug in the GPS and let it lead me. I know that the GPS can’t find our house, and I know that it couldn’t find Rowdi’s daycare place, but I decided that it would be able to get me to the log cabin in the mountains. Of course, had I plugged in the GPS when I left home, it would have told me exactly where the forest road in question was, and I would not have ended up on my little death-defying mountain adventure.

I put in the address of the cabin, and the GPS told me to go north on 55. I knew — KNEW — that it was wrong, because Banks was south, and I had missed a turn at Banks, but I figured, eh. It knows what it’s doing. Never trust a computer over your gut, peeps.

I drove another sixteen or seventeen miles north, almost turning around at several pullouts, and I reached a spot I recognized. I spotted the inn that sits off the highway where we exited the river on our white water rafting trip. It felt good to recognize a place after putting my body into stress overdrive. The GPS directed me across a one-lane bridge, and I thought, “Huh. It seems like I should be farther south of here, but it’s taking me into the mountains, and I know I’m going to a cabin in the mountains… so this must just be an alternate route, and I’ll come at it from the north. That’s fine, as long as I get there.” I could see the route the GPS was plotting — a big, curvy route that went up and around and then back south. By this point, I knew that I most definitely should have turned around at the pullout, because the GPS was taking me so far out of the way. Still, the little piece of crap told me that I had sixteen miles to my destination, and I figured it would be twenty on the highway if I turned around, so this would be faster.

After the one-lane bridge, the GPS had me turn right onto Packer John Road. Let me tell you: If you are ever in Idaho, and your GPS tells you to drive on Packer John Road, throw that little punk out the window (after you smash it with a baseball bat). I happily drove onto the dirt road and decided to call Frank on my cell.

SARAHK: Hey, sweetie.
FRANK: Hey, how’s it going?
SARAHK: Well, the directions were bad, so I’m using the GPS. I’m on a tiny dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and I still have phone service!

Click. I promptly lost phone service. Immediately after that, I noticed that the road was ascending and had become much more narrow. One side mountain, the other side river / ravine. Awesome.

To be continued…

10 Responses to Yet another near-death experience, part 2

  1. Don’t leave us hangin…! [shakes fist]That’s no place to get lost, there’s wierdos up there…

  2. I’ve had my own experiances with those marvalous contraptions. “In one-half mile turn right, then go straight on…”. In one-half mile there was no turn to the right, so we went straight on.

    My daughter asked it to take us to the nearist ‘Wendy’s’. It took us off the highway a few blocks straight into a mall parking lot…, so it must be in the food court right? Nope. No Wendy’s. Never had been. I just shook my head and mumbled tom tom…

  3. whoa…dun, dun, duuuuunnnn!

  4. you’re killin me man!

  5. Aww man. There is a section of road at the State Park in Ohio where we have our family reunions that scares me to death every time we drive it. It’s nothing compared to what you are describing. I’m terrified and I wasn’t even there!

  6. Luckily, we know this turns out reasonably well, since you’re blogging the story and not appearing as a Jedi Apparition in our living rooms. But yikes anyway.

    To quote Sallah, “I’m so pleased you’re not dead!”

  7. I must know what kind of GPS you have! Mine has gotten me into some pickles too.

  8. I’m noticing more oddness every time I use my Garmin GPS. The latest was a 52 mile trip to go 30 miles. I had it set for “Shortest distance”. It was a nice ride, and I was in no hurry… THIS time!

    Somewhere far away is a collection of Geeks. They’re locked in a windowless room. They wring their hands, and giggle with with glee whenever one of us gets lost using their carefully crafted algorithms!

    I’m glad you’re not lost, can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  9. Not awesome–scary!!! I am staying tuned to find out how you escaped death yet again.

  10. You are freaking me out!!