Bad Fred Thompson. Bad.

Do politicians buy lists of contributors from other politicians? Or do they just hand them over and say, Here ya go! I’m sure these thousands of people would love to get mail from you!

When we were waiting for the debate to start Monday night, we could hear three people talking on the row behind us. They talked about Sarah Palin (love her) and Barack Obama (not so much) and John McCain (better than Obama). They didn’t mention Joe Biden. No one ever mentions Joe Biden.\One of the men mentioned that he always gets email from the McCain campaign. The other man (the woman wasn’t really saying much) asked how he, too, could get on the McCain email list. The first man told him that he could go to McCain’s website but that he was pretty sure Fred Thompson had given McCain his info. Frank and I looked at each other and chuckled, because we, too, were victims of Teh Fred’s generosity with his direct mail list. Before Palin was picked for McCain’s VP, we had given money to only one politician since we had moved to Idaho — Fred Thompson. Yet one day, we received a hilarious letter from the RNC, and there is no way they could have found us on their own (they couldn’t even find a conservative agenda, and they’re supposed to be experts at that). We rent and aren’t listed with our new address in any phone books, and really, I don’t think the RNC trolls phone books for their direct mailing lists. Republicans probably just assume that if you support the conservative Republican, you’ll automatically want to support the far less conservative Republican, because they think that if someone calls himself a Republican, we, the constituents, are dumb enough to think he is automatically conservative — and actually, people who don’t pay closeany attention to politics do probably think that way.

I don’t know if Teh Fred gave Frank’s email address out — I don’t check his email. I *am* on McCain’s spamlist ever since we donated, but I only open them when they’re from Governor Palin. I should probably open them more often, though — they’re surely full of blog fodder.

3 Responses to Bad Fred Thompson. Bad.

  1. They probably got your address by sending a letter to your Florida address and then requestion a “return service” where the mail is returned to the sender with your new Idaho address attached for them to correct their dbase. I moved last February, and I started getting RNC mailing almost immediately. Blame the postal service.

  2. Thanks for ‘splaining this. I had wondered how the heck I became the recipient of McCain snail mail and emails! It started some months ago. I get something from either McCain or the RNC almost every day. I dump 99.8% of it without even opening it. I had only contributed to the Fred Thompson campaign and so was mystified as to the onslaught of McCain spam. Oy.

  3. A couple of years back, I wrote a letter to each of my US Senators, Republicans both, expressing my desire that they vote a certain way on an issue. From one, the Honorable John Cornyn, I got no reply. From the other, the Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison, I at least got a letter saying that although she disagreed with me and would vote against my wishes, she nonetheless thanked me for my letter. I honestly appreciated that; it showed her staff at least cared enough to separate the letters into different piles.

    However, I soon started getting tons of mail which would invariably begin “Dear Loyal Republican,” or “Dear Real American,” or some such thing. This confused me, since I have been a Democratic precinct chair for many years and have also been a paid staffer in numerous Democratic campaigns. Worst of all, I started getting robo-calls from the local GOP county chair, a man I’ve, ahem, had differences with in the past.

    In all fairness, we Dems are certainly just as guilty, if not more so. After all, traditionally we’ve had the smaller pool of people with ready cash on hand to donate to candidates. I’m now on no fewer than, oh, 8,000 mailing lists.