Sorry, Kris

Texas wins the Red River Shootout.

I miss the State Fair of Texas.

4 Responses to Sorry, Kris

  1. Texas Tech beat my Huskers too :(

  2. Yeah, we were pretty doggone bummed-out. But there’s always next year.

  3. I was very pleased with both outcomes! I used to not really care who won between Texas and OU, because I liked Oklahoma fine (and still do, it’s a pretty good state). But since the Fiesta Bowl, and the whole being away from Texas thing, and being a Texan… I decided to root for Texas. (Plus I see Dr. Super-Fantastico, a Longhorn and huge Longhorn fan, this week, and I like my drs. to be happy when I see them.) It was a bad day for the top 4.

    Erica, since Tech is my #2 team behind BSU, I’m happy they’re doing so well. Sorry about your team, though.

    Hey Kris, do you know why Espen keeps calling it the Red River Rivalry? Have they changed the name of it? My whole life it was known as the Red River Shootout.

  4. Oh boo. My hubby is an Okie – but (and he admits) OU was out played… :(