Hot chocolate from a pouch

You are dead to me.

This morning, I made hot chocolate using Dagoba chocolate and almond “milk.” With turbinado sugar and a dollop of coconut milk. I moaned a lot.

6 Responses to Hot chocolate from a pouch

  1. I have a great recipe for a homemade mix but I’m not sure if it’s GF. I’ll look into it if you want.

  2. Did Rowdi get even a small lick????

  3. Don’t use Dagoba chocolate unless you like lead poisoning and really bad customer service during an emergency recall.

  4. when i first read that, i though tit said:

    Hot chocolate from a pooch

    and was wondering if rowdi had a messy accident or something

  5. Dagoba Hot Chocolate!!! Now with even more marshmallow midichlorians!!! Help you focus the Force it will!!! :oD

  6. So what’s the story with the lead poisoning and the emergency recall? I have heard nothing.