I hope these questions weren’t asked of “likely voters”

This is telling. I have to disagree with Captain Ed on this, though, considering some of the recent conversations I’ve had with fairly uninformed voters. An example:

UNNAMED PERSON: I’m totally a Democrat, but I’m voting for McCain because of Palin.
SARAHK: God bless you.
UNNAMED PERSON: Not so quick. I was a huge Hillary supporter. But I really think we need a woman in there.

A terrible reason to vote for someone, yes? This is the same girl who said she’s definitely not a conservative because she has a sense of humor and conservatives don’t. I kept waiting for the badum-ching, but she was serious.

5 Responses to I hope these questions weren’t asked of “likely voters”

  1. you should totally send her to


    it’s hilarious

  2. I don’t know, every liberal I have run into out here has about as much of a sense of humor as a lump of coal.

    As for voting for someone because of their sex or ethnicity, that just makes no sense at all. But then again let’s look at groups like Operation: Code Pink – they make no sense either.

  3. Well a vote’s a vote I guess.

    But if SarahK was going to send anyone anywhere for conservative humor wouldn’t imao.us be the first stop?

  4. Or DailyKos its the funniest parody of an extreme left wing site evah!

  5. Sarah Palin must be gun friendly