When I answer his puns correctly

FRANK: What do they call the capital of Germany when it’s really cold there?
SARAHK: Burrrrr-lin.
FRANK: [Giggle and pause.] No. The name doesn’t change when it’s cold.

5 Responses to When I answer his puns correctly

  1. that is funny — but it’s not a pun

  2. I may have to argue with you there. It’s a play on words.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . nope — i actually looked into this last night, because I wondered what that type of pun would be called, and i couldn’t find a definition where you change the spelling of a syllable in a word, and then compare that syllable to another word alone — therefore i decree it is not a pun

    and you spelled “brrrrr” wrong

    nonetheless, i will be stealing that joke — my other favorite is — when someone tells me they’ve been to paris/going to paris

    Do you know why you shouldn’t swim while in Paris? The fish are in Seine.

  4. its not a malapropism or a Spoonerism either — i’m intensely interested in categorizing this — I’m not satisfied with just calling it a joke — there has to be a word for it