Bad dog! Voting is for hoominz!

12 Responses to Bad dog! Voting is for hoominz!

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  2. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking she probably made a more informed decision than some I saw in line this morning down here.

  3. I really like you hair color

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  5. me too!

  6. I’m going to third that on the hair. It looks like it has a bit of red in it. Very pretty

  7. I found you through another website a while back and came to check your site out. Why it’s so dang compelling I don’t know, but I really enjoy it. The campaign has drawn now to a close, and its almost all over except the shouting, as my dad you’d to say, and the results aren’t far off. But as that ends my visits here to your blog won’t. I kindsa like this neighborhood…

    And thanks.
    just thanks,

  8. i really like your hair too!!! and i have to second Basil as well :)

  9. Another voter registered by ACORN!

    “Who do you want to vote for, girl?”


    “Was that Barack? We’ve got a live one this time!”

  10. Yes, I like the haircolor very much. I’m wondering if you put some red on top of the brown that only you didn’t seem to like?

  11. Rowdi doesn’t look too happy about having voted. Is there an exit pollster nearby or something?

  12. I think Rowdi smells a hippie.