Oh well

I’ll have a mourning song for you in the next day or two. And then I’ll get over it and fight harder for conservatism. With Carter 2.0 upon us, we’re going to have to get over ourselves, stop being lazy, and be on the lookout for our next Reagan. Reagan in a skirt? Maybe — if she’ll come right out and say that she only agreed with Shamnesty because Senator McCain told her she had to — not that it will matter, because with the balance of power heavily Democrat and McCainObama 100% pro-illegal alien, we will have amnesty in the next two years. Whatever happens, there are a lot of strong conservatives out there. The Republicans will either see this for what it is — punishment for swinging left — or they’ll pretend that Obama won the election because Republicans weren’t liberal enough. If that’s the case, the Republican party is dead, and we’ll need a new conservative party. Either way, we have to start right away. After I eat the rest of my misery Skittles.

7 Responses to Oh well

  1. Where’d you get the phase “Carter 2.0″? I thought about using it in a post last night and felt I was being all creative. Now I’m thinking I must have seen it somewhere else and merely remembered it.

    Part of me is doing the dance of the Brave Little Toaster. Part of me wants to go all Dark Willow on the a convenient target; I could use a good flaying. (MSM’s, maybe?)

    Wonder which part will win?

  2. You are right. Conservatives unite and take our party back!

  3. Pass the skittles sister. I’m just going to finish my coffee and then ratchet up the indoctrination of my offspring. Between us and the Duggars we will get it all back within 10 years anyway (looking on the bright side here).

  4. You can sit by me…

  5. The Republican party and John McCain earned this defeat, and they earned it well. Thankfully, though, the idiots have outed themselves as a result, making it much easier to excise their rotting influence.

    Frankly, I feel like a chump for defending them so long in the vain hope that, maybe, they were momentarily distracted. They have one election cycle remaining to begin redeeming themselves and showing true leadership. If they fail to do so by ’10, they are through as a political party.

    Gov. Palin was the only bright spot in this whole debacle, and I hope to see her at the forefront again, unfettered.

  6. …. I was going to give you something inspirational, etc, but if I start, I’ll just rewrite my last blog post. I’ll save you the time– skim the blog post: http://seanpatrickryan.blogspot.com/

    I believe in optimism.

  7. I don’t even like Skittles and I’m reaching for the bag, here. But if I may plagiarize myself, cheerful defiance is the watchword, friends.