Pain – it’s what’s for dinner

I have a full-blown migraine today, worse than I’ve had in months. It started when I woke up this morning and hasn’t let up, even after a nap of several hours. I’m so tempted to stay home from work tomorrow, considering that this is one of those stay-in-bed migraines, but I worry I might miss something, such as being laid off.

4 Responses to Pain – it’s what’s for dinner

  1. Any chance it’s a reaction to so much juice? Migraines are miserable, I know. Only thing that helps mine is a dark room, muscle relaxers, pain meds and heating pad on the back of my neck. Then wait. Good luck.

  2. I actually haven’t had juice since Saturday morning. And I usually only drink one glass a day. I actually think I know what made me sick.

  3. how are you feeling today? what caused your migraine? one of my girlfriends has been suffering from migraines and tinnitus for the past 8months or so. a new dr she visited a couple of wks ago told her that the cause of her migraines may be from temporomandibular joint disorder. dr thinks that her jaw joint may be the culprit. she has been referred to a neuromuscular dentist. I think she will be seeing this dentist sometime this week. i’ll let you know what happens, if you haven’t already looked in to this.


  4. Oh boo. I hope your head feels much much better soon!