I have learned something!

We just got home from seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. It was fantastic, and Andrew Ross is my new boyfriend — don’t tell Frank. You know, I had no idea I could scream so loudly as I did when they introduced him. My vocal chords just took over, and I had no control over my volume. My whole section looked at me like I was being all uncouth or something. WhatEVS, girls behind me who talked in conversational tones throughout the ENTIRE CONCERT (that is, when they weren’t digging in their purses for gum).

Anyway, what I wanted to say about the concert. (Actually, I want to say lots about it, but it really wore me out, and I shall be sleeping soon.) I have learned that there is such a thing as overstimulation of the optic nerve. I know this, because I have just experienced it.

Ok. Brain tired. Brain hurt. Brain sleep.

13 Responses to I have learned something!

  1. glad you were able to go and that it was awesome

    and yes, i am jealous

  2. Overstimulation, yes, but the TSO concerts are incredibly awesome as well. We went to 2 of their shows in Philadelphia, but can’t make it this year. So, yeah, I’m jealous too.

  3. We go every year and they are great. Last year, they added a second show here because they quickly sold out every year.

  4. WB, when we were sitting in parking lot traffic after the concert, I told Frank, “Rachel is going to be so jealous.”

  5. I have been wanting to go to see TSO for many years, but something was always blocking…work, trips, meetings, so Ive yet to go. But this year I bought my tickets as soon as they went on sale and have supposedly reaaly good seats for the concert in Jackson Ms on Dec 17th. Just got two tickets for the wife and I an my daughter is sooo jealous(hehe… shame on me).

  6. I went too! It was so much fun! The lightshow was quite impressive.

  7. Yes, it was cool– as Lottie Said– we enjoyed those LIGHTS– too cool…(my account: http://incrediblejourney14.blogspot.com/ ) in case you care to read.

  8. i am so jealous. they aren’t coming to Amarillo are they? I don’t know anything.

  9. I ordered tickets to take my family to the Lubbock concert on December 30th. I’m ready for full sensory overload.

  10. my brother bought us tickets last year to go with them, but, that still would have required a trip to TN, which was not an option at the time.

    But at least I got to see Mannheim Steamroller! Oh, wait, you did too!

  11. I kind of want to see them … I’m not sure. I really would like to see Al Pitrelli and Alex Skolnick on guitars. They are playing two shows in Memphis … hmm.

  12. Cullen, you should definitely do it. It’s one of the best productions I’ve ever seen, and it’s one of my all-time favorite concerts.

    WB, after the concert, I was like, “Hey, now I’ve seen both them and Mannheim Steamroller!” TSO was better, no comparison.

  13. Bikermommy, apparently they’re coming to Lubbock.

    Sillya, I LOVED the lights, too, and the fire and the lasers… But when we left my eyes did hurt. :)