Least Favorite People on the Right

I participated in the RWN poll. My list was:

Mike Huckabee – Big government populist who manages to alienate anyone who isn’t Baptist every time he opens his mouth. He’s the only person who ran this election cycle (besides Ron Paul) that would have made me stay home had he been anywhere on the ticket. We get it, Huck. You hate Mormons! And most likely the church of Christ as well. Huckabee made Mitt’s religion an issue when it never should have been, and I’m pretty convinced that once the economy collapsed in September, Romney is the only Republican that could have actually beat Obama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Romney fan, but he would have been a better nominee than McCain, especially after September. And especially if he’d chosen the Sarahcuda.

John McCain – Let this be a lesson to Shamnestinians: McCain was the best friend of illegal aliens, and the Latino vote went overwhelmingly to the other guy, even though the majority of Latinos are very religious and anti-abortion, and Obama’s not only pro-abortion, he’s pro-infanticide. Also, McCain has been a coward on the issue of the Palin smears — I never thought I’d think of him as a coward or dishonorable, but in the political arena, he’s either a coward or a total jerk. He should have manned up as soon as it started happening, but he never did, and now it’s just another way to push against conservatives, his favorite pastime.

Ron Paul – RON PAUL! I actually agree with him on a lot of issues. But he’s a nightmare on national security, and his supporters do him no favors. Some are Truthers, others try to make him sound more serious by calling him “Dr. Paul.” Yeah, we get it. He’s a dr. That doesn’t make him any more qualified to run the country than I am. Of course, I’m smarter than most doctors I’ve met.

Christopher Buckley – What an arrogant twit.

Colin Powell – He calls himself a Republican, but Republican does not mean conservative. It just means you have an R next to your name. I’ve felt this way for several years, and it was really as surprising as Paris Hilton buying a new handbag for her yip-yap dog when he came out and endorsed Obama. Yeah, never saw that one coming.

Chuck Hagel – Friend or foe? Foe.

Ted Stevens – Felon. We don’t like them so much on our side of the aisle.

Mel Martinez – Shamnestinian.

Hank Paulson – Let’s socialize every failing business in America! All the better if it helps out the unions! We were so stupid to pay off our mortgage when we sold the house.

Peggy Noonan – Self-explanatory.

Ann Coulter – “Let’s act like the tards on the left who have been shouting, ‘Not MY President!’ for years! That’ll show ‘em.” Or… we could be adults and Americans and hope and pray for the wisdom and good choices of whoever is in charge.

Bill Sali – I actually like this guy’s positions on pretty much everything. But he said some dumb things that people should only say on blogs and lost to a fairly liberal Democrat this year. In Idaho. That was a seat we shouldn’t have lost.

20 Responses to Least Favorite People on the Right

  1. I pretty much agree with your list. You and I particularly agree on the Huckamonster and Ron Paul.

  2. Heh, pirate-king.com also participated with a few matches on your list.
    Only I added Alex P Keaton. That tool succeeded in making being conservative uncool for an entire generation. And of course like every conservative in showbiz, he was played by a liberal.

  3. I don’t get the Ann Coulter thing. She is as conservative as they get. She’s not nice, but she is conservative…and that is enough for me.

  4. I am ever so glad to be rid of Chuck Hagel. I

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  6. BigRichardSmall

    Bill Sali lost because of the perception that he’s not a leader. (Thank you Mr. Sali, but you can stop sending junk mail to my house asking my feelings on everything!) He might have voted 100% the way you want, but perception was everything, especially in this election.

    Walt Minnick won by having a finance background, and running as a moderate (If you count working in the Nixon White House as proof of Moderateness.) He’s going to side with the Democrats on almost everything, but at least your guns are some what safe.(If I remember he was for the assault rifle ban. How am I going to hunt Deer in large numbers now?)

    Exit question: What about Arlen Specter? That guy is worse than Huck, Chuck, and Buckley

  7. I like your list – except for Ann Coulter. She definitely has a sharp tongue, but she uses facts rather than a bunch of made up crap (unlike those you compare her to on the left).

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    We need to get behind Rex on this, I mean, if everybody elses hand is gonna be out mine is too.

  9. On a more serious note, I’m not a big Mike Huckabee fan, but I don’t have the problem with him that others seem to. John McCain didn’t have the gumption to win, and I agree with you on the Palin thing. Ron Paul has too much baggage to be taken seriously on a national frontrunner stage.
    Colin Powell is a military man, not a politician and doesn’t funtion well in political arenas. Not at all suprized by him endorsing Obama. Disappointed, but not suprized. Ann Coulter I love to death, not from a political standpoint, but as an attack dog personna. She one of the smartest people in the game (and believe me she plays it as a game). The conservative movement doesn’t have enough people getting in the face of liberals as she does, not even Rush. Plus, in person she HOT!
    Mitt Romney…, I just have had a hard time getting excited about Mitt. Sure, he has plenty of pluses, but for some reason he reminds me of one of those talking head reporters on the evening news so I have a hard time taking him serously. Reminds me of that guy off of the Carol Burnett show…

    Sarah Palin has a place in the future of the republican party. Contrary to what many say she brought more votes in than were ever lost by her.

    Newt Gingrich is a voice of conservatism that needs to be heard. (I’d like to see him run in 2012.)

    Bobby Jindal WILL be a player sooner rather than later. I’d like to see him as our VP candidate in 2012 the move up to the presidency eight years after that. Bobby is a rare comodity, brilliant as heck with a large portion of commen sense too. For Real religious, and well schooled in conservative values, he’s a great future candidate. This country would see a lot of good come from Bobby Jindal.

  10. Agreed with everything except your comments on Ann Coulter. We were nice and polite while the left fileted GWB. We sat with polite smiles while the lefty psychos screamed every disgusting label they could at us and gleefully had it repeated by the press. I for one have vowed to war with the left at every chance. I will call them the cowards, traitors, baby killers, socialist trogladites that they are.I will proclaim from the roof of my house that Obama is racist, gutless, talentless POS. I have the 1-20-2013 sticker on my car already. The days of turning the other cheek to these animals are gone. What is wrong with following the most merciful messiahs call to “get in thier faces”?

  11. I think the title should be:

    “Least Favorite Republicans”

    …I like Ann Coulter because we NEED an Ann Coulter’s rapier wit to cut through the 99% leftist media. She does make me cringe at times, but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.

    Add Kathleen Parker and David Brooks to the list. RINO columnists kneeling before the Teh One’s ring.

  12. Right on, Big Al. Coulter goes over the top too often, though usually satirically in search of laughs, which is way different from the motivations of the “tards on the left.” Gingrich is an authentic voice of conservatism but unpopular. Huckabee is just downright creepy. Ditto the good doctor. Romney needs a worse haircut, among other things, and though I love Sarah, she’s just not qualified. I’ll have to look closer at Jindal.

  13. i was with you until you added ann coulter. she is one of the best conservatives going. at least she can fight back, which is something most repubs can’t or won’t do. GO ANN

  14. Good list, but I’m gonna have to join the ranks in my disagreement of Ann Coulter being on there. I’m a big fan of hers – not that I don’t think she’s abrasive, because she absolutely is, but she’s usually spot on and smart as hell.

  15. We need to keep as many actual conservatives inside as we can. Thus, personal dislikes are not a sufficient reason to get rid of someone. (Ann Coulter and Mike Huckabee).

    And for those who are only partially conservative, we need to try to take their conservative elements and leave the rest. Thus we need to try to deal with the Ron Paul Brigade even as we resist Trutherism.

    And for those who are not conservative, and want to take a conservative party to Democrat Lite, we need to beat them down.

    Thus you would be better served by listing a bunch of insufferable RINOs, country clubbers, and that sort instead of actual y’know conservatives. THEY won’t like you no matter how much you dish on your fellow conservatives. Its time to try to stop winning the approval of people who hate conservatives.

    That said, you do have a number of these unconservatives in your list so good on ya’.

    Its basically the same advice that gets given to every struggling young guy about to ask out a cool girl in every movie–Be Yourself. Ann Coulter, Mike Huckabee, even Ron Paul are to a point…ourselves.

  16. Thomas Jackson

    If the GOPs leaders had the courage and wisdom of Coulter the GOP would not be where it is now. Better one Coulter than 100 O’Reillys.

  17. Who said I like O’Reilly? I try not to even think about O’Reilly, so I just forgot about him when I made my list.

  18. tenn, huckabee’s not a conservative. he was one of the more liberal republicans in a major office – it just so happened he was also a christian and seemed to be a real nice guy, so he was able to pick up a decent number of votes.

  19. I pretty much agree with the list, though I think I like McCain better than some conservatives.

    Huckabee creeps me out. I can’t watch his show on Fox. I think any politician whose ultimate aim, if they lose out in office, is to get a tv show, should automatically lose, because it suggests that what they really want is a Cult of Personality.

    Paul scares me. I tend to lean little-l libertarian in some things, but I agree: disaster on foreign policy. Also, some of those with whom he associated concern me deeply. (Then again, that’s true about Obama…. but then AGAIN, I didn’t vote for either Paul or Obama….)

    Ann Coulter, as well. Why should we conservatives get down in the toilet with those on the Left who want to do that? To me, she’s like nails on a chalkboard. I fear that Ann Coulter could actually set things back for women, simply because she is so unpleasant.

    In the primaries, I voted for Romney. Not a huge fan but I have to admit now I think he’d have been the best one to lead us out of the financial mess.

  20. When people tell me, hey, the right has their fringe element too, I agree… but we laugh guys like Ron Paul off the stage. The Left lets them run the place.

    We also have our Secular Messiahs, too, like Huckabee – but we didn’t hand him the nomination.

    Does the Left ever run a “worst people on our side” poll like this? Ever? Could it even begin to enter into their head to laugh a little at themselves, or possibly disavow their kooks? David Blaine couldn’t hold his breath long enough to see that.