I made this juice today, and it was super-yummy:

2 small beets, with greens (not peeled)
half a handful of watercress
1/2 inch horseradish root (I think the horseradish was too soft, so I didn’t get much juice out of this — no spice at all)
2 pears, stems removed
1 apple, stem removed
1/8 head of green cabbage
1/3 cucumber, peeled
2 cloves garlic, peeled
salt to taste

Makes about 18-20 oz. It was sweet and fresh with a mild garlic hint. Next time I’ll add a Meyer lemon, more horseradish, more watercress and more cabbage. Possibly also some dried red chilis. There was no spice to this at all.

2 Responses to Pearcabbeet

  1. so I got ing to juice…the beets at target were $1.99 a piece, but the ones at sprouts were .99 cents a pound. heyyyy
    i really like carrot, grapefruit, and beet.

  2. Did you get your beets from Shrute Farms?