Favorite People on the Right

My friend John Hawkins has the poll up. I would tell you who I voted for and explain my choices, but I’m too embarrassed that I accidentally left off Fred Thompson. He’s in my top three, and I totally forgot him when I was sending in my top twelve.

3 Responses to Favorite People on the Right

  1. I was doing my daily (five – six times daily) blog roll cruize when I spotted your post on Conservative Grapevine, and I thought “How Cool!”. I had already answered your post with a comment, but I do want you to know that I saw it there. It’s nice to be recognized for doing this, because it can be WORK sometimes. Having ones blog post presented by Hawkins is an honor in my book.

  2. Mine may possibly have been:
    1. Newt Gingrich
    2. Fred Thompson
    3. Thomas Sowell
    4. Bobby Jindal
    5. Michael Steel
    6. Glenn Beck
    7. Ann Coulter
    8. Charles Kranthammer
    9. Laura Ingraham
    10. John Roberts
    11. Antonin Scalia
    12. Me

    Then again, it may not have been lol.

  3. I’m sure Teh Fred forgives you.