My poor sweetie

I went shopping after work, since I still have a job that could last two weeks, six months, or years. I went to Wal-Mart (forgot to get the thermal underwear, the specific reason I went to Wally World), Costco, and Fred Meyer. I came home and told Frank about the food I got for our trip.

SARAHK: I got a lot of snacks and food in case we get hungry and aren’t anywhere near a city. Even if we are near a city, we don’t know if it will be big enough to have food we can eat. So I got gluten-free crackers [Glutino -- they're good], goat cheese, smoked oysters, and cocktail sauce. I figured we could eat that if we got hungry…
SARAHK: I also got some sardines. I’ve never tried them before. I’ll probably hate them. They always look and smell gross to me.
FRANK J.: [Scrunching up his nose.] Did you get any normal food?

So then I told him about the fruit, chips and salsa, SPAM [I try not to eat pork, but during really busy weeks and travel, I'll eat it], beef Lil’ Smokies, summer sausage (I had to show it to him so he’d know what it was), trail mix, and roasted almonds. He was cheerier after that.

Of course, I’m thinking I’ll stick to the nitrite-free stuff. Lately I haven’t had so much trouble with nitrites, but I don’t like to bombard myself with them, because migraine scares me.

3 Responses to My poor sweetie

  1. Sardines are an aquired taste. My wife leaves the room when I eat them, but they are (supposed to be) good for you.
    Whenever we take a trip we always bring food to eat along the way but we NEVER end up eating any of it. We went to South Carolina a few months back and got a bunch of snak’s and stuff to take with us. I’m still snak’n on them.

  2. Oh, I MISS Fred Meyer. I used to live in Oregon, we don’t have Freddies in NV. It used to be really good, but I wonder: didn’t Kroger buy them? Is it still good? I loved getting paint, cute clothes and food in the same store (and Wal-mart doesn’t count, there’s nothin’ gormet or quality in that store!)

  3. I’d love to see y’all again if you’re stopping at a Braum’s somewhere in the north TX vicinity… :) Have a safe and happy trip! I love you guys.