Back to reality

Yesterday morning, we got up and left our little inn in Tropic, Utah (seven miles east of Bryce Canyon) and went to Bryce. It was amazing and dusted with a little bit of snow. There were approximately ten people in the entire park when we were there. It was pristine, and within five minutes we were talking hiking trip, with some camping thrown in for good measure. We didn’t stay very long, maybe an hour, but I took a lot of pictures while we were there. Here are a few, and I know they do not do the canyon justice…

One of the overviews from Bryce Point.

Close-up from the same point.


It was overcast because the sun was hanging out behind the clouds. I loved this picture.

This bird was playing hard to get with my camera, and after I managed to catch him, he squawked all through the canyon.

Isn’t he beautiful? He stayed nice and still for me.

We got in last night and spent today in our pajamas. Tomorrow I guess we have to go back to reality and jobs and such.

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  1. I was getting worried…

    Bryce Canyon, I’ve been there. And Arch’s and several others. The beautiful red-head that was silly enough to marry me and I spent sixteen days camping and hiking the Grand Canyon and just about every other National Park in that neck of the woods. We were a bit younger then and the ground wasn’t so dang hard like now… but it was a grand time i’ll never forget. Mule Deer wandering through the campground at dusk…sunsets…the stars at night. I got a million pictures. I want to do it all again one day fore I’m gone.

  2. I’m green, GREEN!
    awesome pictures!

  3. awesome pictures! The last time I tried to take pictures of wildlife in a state park I didn’t have nay film in the camera.

  4. Thanks!

    It always helps to have film. (Or a memory card.)

  5. Wow, that is pretty darn gorgeous.

  6. Amazing shots, Sarah.

  7. Beautiful!!

  8. wow – i’m so jealous. too bad i’m afraid of heights….

  9. Oh yeah: forgot to give you crap about the line “It was overcast because the sun was hanging out behind the clouds”.

    Is it just me or does that sound a little off?

  10. Wonderful pictures!! :)

  11. It was overcast because the sun was hanging out behind the clouds.

    Hmm. It looks fine to me. It was overcast outside. The reason is that the sun was being cheeky and enjoying itself (i.e. hanging out) behind the clouds.

    Of course, if you’re taking it literally, then the sun hanging out (like cleavage) behind the clouds would not make sense.

    So to clarify, I mean “hanging out” in the “loitering” kind of way, not the “being indecent” kind of way.


  12. wasn’t it beautiful? did they tell you the story about how the Indian people believe the formations are old souls and they are gathered together in this awesome place? and they look so real to me! loved that canyon!

  13. Looks nice.
    Closer to home -
    Craters of the Moon,
    Bruneau Canyon and Bruneau Dune,
    and if you are up for more off road distance, the Owyhee front area including Kane Springs off Reynolds Creek area, or the Wilson Creek canyons.

  14. Fantastic pics. That overcast picture is great.

  15. You suck. I have to get to Bryce one of these days.

    Love the wildlife pictures.

  16. the dark one i made my background picture on my computer at work. so pretty….

  17. Gorgeous! Incidentally, I believe that first picture is of an area that Ang Lee used in his Hulk movie… there was a lot of shooting rockets at the Hulk, and Hulk mad dumb puny humans smash pretty Bryce Canyon, Hulk smash dumb puny humans!

  18. you expect me to believe you took those pics!?! with a digital camera?! no freakin’ way! i’m calling shenanigans!

  19. Yeah, actually, I took them with your daughter’s camera. It works great!

  20. Speaking of your daughter’s camera, do y’all have a guest bedroom complete with luxury bathroom all ready for us? We arrive in only ten days, and we expect red carpet treatment, since we’re so awesome.