Health update

My EEG is scheduled for this week. If it is clean (other than the slow left temporal lobe, which is most likely from a stroke I never knew about), I can wean the rest of the way off my seizure meds. I don’t have the tingles much except when I’ve forgotten to take my calcium and B-vitamins for several days in a row.

Garden of Life finally has a raw food multivitamin that is gluten-free. I bought a bottle to see if they’re any better than my Country Life raw food multi. Oh, and the ingredient list again had “malt diastase,” same as the horseshoe-zyme pills from the same company. So I looked it up, because the label says gluten-free. It turns out that malt diastase is an enzyme that helps you digest… wait for it… malt. So that’s apparently not what was making me sick when I was taking the horseshoe-zyme pills before.

I’ve started drinking two ounces of aloe vera juice every day. Sounds disgusting, but this particular brand (George’s, I think) tastes like water and is not slimy. It’s good for general healing, and since I would someday like to get over my lactose, egg, and corn sensitivities, I will try anything I can to quicken the healing.

Sprouts. The farmer’s market and supplement smorgasbord. I’d like one in Boise, plz kthx. Their papaya enzymes are better than the Now brand that I previously took (and will again someday take, because we do not have Sprouts, and I only bought two bottles). I also got a new probiotic for a specific issue there, but I can’t remember the name of it. It’s peachy, and I bought another general probiotic from the same brand. The Country Life probiotics weren’t doing it for me.

And here’s a piece of advice for you crazy kids out there: If you’re lactose intolerant, for the love of Pete, do not give in to your craving and eat a bowl of chocolate almond ice cream for dinner. I’m really glad I work at home in the afternoon.

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  1. LOL about the icecream. That’s the way I felt the last time I had some!