Weekend snippets

HAPPY GIRL: Hey, if we were rich, we could have a disco ball!

HAPPY GIRL: Daddy! Daddy! Smell my elbow!
HAPPY GIRL: No really! Smell my elbow! Really! It smells like cherry!

SARAHK [after getting off Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider]: Hey, Cadet. That ride felt like being in the car with you, except not as scary.

SARAHK: Cadet Happy is one of the worst drivers I’ve ever ridden with.
MRS. HAPPY: Yes, he is. I still usually let him drive, though, because he’s an even worse backseat driver.
SARAHK: I’m sure he is. But yesterday, I backseat drove the whole way.
MRS. HAPPY: I’m sure he *loved* that. And you know, the worst thing about his driving is that he’s so self-confident…
SARAHK: Arrogant.
MRS. HAPPY: Ok, arrogant. I was being diplomatic.

SARAHK: Um, you’re following so closely.
CADET: They shouldn’t be going so slow.
SARAHK: I shouldn’t be able to read license plates.

CADET: Do any of you want anything?
SARAHK: Oh, yes. Could you get me some sunflower seeds? Frito-Lay.
CADET [upon returning to the car and handing me three different brands of sunflower seeds]: They didn’t have Frito-Lay. I figure between all those, you can find some that are to your liking. [I did. Fisher brand.]

HAPPY GIRL: Wow, you *really* like those chips.

CADET: My driving is like a work of art.
SARAHK: Yeah. A Picasso.

6 Responses to Weekend snippets

  1. SARAHK: “You’re driving is scary [good].” (Ed. — Missing word implied by context of conversation).

  2. CADET: That’s a nice dress.
    SARAHK: I wore this under the dress so I wouldn’t look like a whore.

    (At Camp Ripley Chapel, discussing her dress, which she wore a cleavage hider thingy under.)

  3. SARAHK: You must be a great guy to have such a nice wife.

    (At airport dropping off.)

  4. [While driving to Little Falls, MN]

    SARAHK: I need a bag, I need a bag!
    CADET: We need a bag! [ignored by Frank and Happy Girl, too busy with Nintendo DS's to care.]
    CADET: We need a bag! [ignored by Frank and Happy Girl, too busy with Nintendo DS's to care.]
    SARAHK: We need a bag. [oddly muffled by liquid in mouth].
    FRANK: What should I do with the stuff in the bag? [holding bag and asking questions]
    CADET: Just dump it out on the floor.

    [Frank dumps it out, hands temporaily empty bag to SarahK]

    SARAHK: Blaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh.




    CADET: Just hang that thing out the window til we get to a garbage can.




    [Cadet trying hard not to see bag full of liquid dangling out window with peripheral vision.]




    CADET: Happy Girl, what did you have for breakfast?
    HAPPY GIRL: Cereal.
    CADET: Do you want to see what Sarah had for breakfast?

  5. Somebody told me once that sometimes the best things aren’t the subjects, but what lies out on the periphery. Sometimes not.

  6. Laughing. So. Hard. I. Can’t. Breathe.

    Because I know all of you (except for Mrs. Happy) and I am picturing you guys… [LMAO]