iTunes on random

So I worked at home today, and I had iTunes going on random. I have almost all of my music on my computer now, because I finally started moving the rest over from my old machine, The Beasty VAIO. Notes:

*It’s a little hilarious and very disconcerting to hear the dunna-dun-duh-nun-da-dah! of the Les Mis scene at the barricades and then, instead of hearing, “You at the barricades listen to this!” you hear a different man singing something in French. Yes, I bought the Original French Concept album accidentally many years ago from one of those music clubs. And I always load it on my computer but never listen to it. I have no use for French.

*I don’t know how to make it play all of my music except Christmas music, but I don’t mind so much when it’s Harry Connick Jr.

*”Spit on a Stranger,” my least favorite Nickel Creek song–I still think they’re saying “Ooh, meow” when they say “pull me out” or whatever it is they say.

*I still love *NSYNC unconditionally. They are the Best Thing Ever: America, after all. And um… Tracey? I call Twilight for this year’s event! No one can pick it besides me, because I’ve got dibs! All-important dibs.

*Through the horror of a compilation CD, I have a Gloria Estefan song. But I have to admit she’s listenable when she doesn’t have that awful Cuban beat behind her (my apologies to my Cuban readers… but seriously, I hate your music).

*My Eminem CDs are all the “clean” versions. Frank doesn’t see the point, because you only hear every other word. But I do love his voice and the beats. I hate most other rap.

*What ever happened to Evan & Jaron? I liked those little teeny boppers. Same with BBMak. (What? It’s not like I was into Hanson.)

*My latest vocal crush is on Hailey Westenra. I adore her angelic voice. I was streaming Yahoo radio one day at work, and she came on. I’ve found several artists this way recently, including Bond and Patrick Park.

*I still like Edie Brickell.

12 Responses to iTunes on random

  1. I thought Evan & Jaron were cute, too! Patrick Park’s “Something Pretty” is one of my favorite songs on Vol. 2 of “The O.C.” CDs.

  2. If you click the box with the checkmark next to all the Christmas songs so that the box is blank, iTunes should skip over those during shuffle play. :)

  3. Do you have any Evanescence (alternative/rock) CDs? Amy Lee has an incredible voice, I think. The stuff they play on the radio can sometimes be grating to my nerves when she holds out notes for a long time, but her voice is very strong and powerful. But, for all I know the singles on the radio are not a representative sampling of her voice.

  4. Kate, I’ll have to download that. It’s not on the CD I bought.

    Megan, thanks! I was thinking there had to be a way…

    maya, yes, I have two of theirs – the first one and the live one. I love her voice.

  5. By Cuban music do you mean all Cuban music, classics such as Celia Cruz, Beny More and Orquestra Aragon? Or do you mean the crap that’s on the radio now that barely passes for music, let alone Cuban music?
    Gloria Estefan is not a good example of Cuban music.

  6. Well, Sarahk, you just threw me for a loop. I would never have imagined you to like Eminem, cleaned up version or not. I love Eminem, (I have the unclean version though), and really never thought I’d hear you say the same.

    I would give you extra cool points for that except the fact that you like NSYNC negates them.


  7. You could also set up a Smart Playlist that excludes Christmas music. This will take less time than unchecking them all, especially if you have alot of Christmas music.

  8. My Harry Connick Jr. claim to fame: He’s had my house pointed out to him from the air!

  9. maggie katzen

    I’ll second Tiffany’s suggestion. not that I’ve made a “No Christmas” play list myself, yet. but I did make an “everything but Classical” list, cause sometimes I’m not in the mood to go from Hanson to Handel. ;D

  10. I also use a variant of Tiffany’s solution, by first making a playlist of all my Christmas music. Then, when I create a Smart Playlist for some other purpose, I can specify “Not in the Christmas music playlist” as one of the conditions.

    – Pauley

  11. I don’t really consider Eminem rap because he sticks to the beat….
    I’ve found a replacement for the soon-to-be-different Yahoo! music – I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I do like the site.

  12. Make a smart playlist. Make the only condition be:

    [Genre] [is not] [Christmas]

    :) I have that.

    Of course my big smart playlist is this (all combined)

    [Genre] [is not] [Classical] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Instrumental Soundtrack] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Wind Ensemble] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Symphony] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Marching Band] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Chorus] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Children's Music] +
    [Rating] [is greater than] [**] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Christmas] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Musical] +
    [Genre] [is not] [Podcast] +
    [Last Played] [is not in the last] [2] [Weeks]

    :) That narrows me down to 8533 items.