Writing playlist

This morning, the songs that popped up:

“Brand New Day” – Joshua Radin
“Children, Don’t Stop Dancing” – Creed (yeah, I know, but I like them, so shut up!)
“Declaration” – David Cook
“So Much to Say” – DMB
“Walk Down This Mountain” – Bebo Norman
“Pick Me up on Your Way Down” – Martina McBride
“Life is a Song” – Patrick Park
“Wheel of the World” – Carrie Underwood
“After an Afternoon” – Jason Mraz
“Yellow” – Coldplay

4 Responses to Writing playlist

  1. i like ur songs .. i put them on my playlist…donna

  2. I have excellent taste in music. ;-)

  3. Can’t … write … while … listening to music … can’t edit … while listening to music … can only cook or drive while musicking.

  4. yikes, that’s a whole lot of suckiness in a tiny space–be careful you don’t rip the fabric of space and time