So I’m at the store last night, picking up some frozen food for Frank since I never have time to cook for him these days. I grab some GF hamburger buns while I’m there, too, and all of my freezer food is GF, of course. GF pizza, etc. (Also another new purse, because I hated my giant purse so much that I couldn’t deal. But the purse has nothing to do with the story.)

So I get to the checkout.

CHECKER GUY: I miss gluten.
SARAHK: Me too. [What? I really don't, except when I don't feel like cooking or have time for it, because that's when I want only one thing: $1 Totino's pizzas.]
CG: My girlfriend’s celiac.
SARAHK: Me too.
CG: And I’m gluten-free with her, to be supportive.
SARAHK: My husband too. That’s really nice of you to support her that way. It makes it a lot easier.
CG: Well, it’s like you’re telling me I can’t have a beer after work but you’re going to sit there and drink one in front of me? That wouldn’t be nice. So the deal is, I don’t eat it in front of her. I can have it if I’m not with her, though.
SARAHK: [nods]
CG: And I don’t brag about the donuts I eat.
SARAHK: Except to me!

We laughed, and I took my purchases.

2 Responses to checkout

  1. That is sweet that he does that. Both the boyfriend AND Frank. Snaps to them both!

  2. Snaps to Frank and CG. Maybe I’m just too passive aggressive and let my man have his gluten. It might be why I’ve been sick the last month since he has had his bread in MY kitchen and bought him his beer.

    I only miss gluten when I have a red licorice craving.