How do I love thee? Let me count the words.

Yes, so my Kindle and I have become inseparable. I’ve already told Frank that I’m divorcing him so I can marry it. And I think if they made a comic-book reader, he’d do the same, so I don’t feel guilty about it.

Since we’re going to be spending so much time together, I think I should name him. The obvious choice is Kin, but really, isn’t every girl going to name her Kindle the same thing? So Kin is out. You help me name him.

I’ll have more to say later about why I love him so much.

27 Responses to How do I love thee? Let me count the words.

  1. Doesn’t every female need a Spike in their life? Download some bloody awful poetry and you’ll be good to go.

  2. No One of Consequence

    I’d go with Vox – that’s Orlando Jones’s character from the Time Machine (if you’ve not seen it, he’s basically the New York Public Library, with a nifty holographic interface)

  3. Ok, so I’m going with the undying adoration you seem to be exhibiting, so here are some thoughts: Edward, Cullen, Carlisle, or Jasper. I’m thinking Edward might be the other name that all the girls choose, if they don’t choose Kin. So, maybe Cullen or Carlisle to go with alliteration? Just a suggestion :)

  4. Reade

    or something to go along with “Mr. Shiny” but I have only a minute before I have to get back to work, so I can’t think of anything that works.

  5. I have a Kindle 1, my fiance Mike has a Kindle 2. Since we often revert to LOLspeak and a Kim Jong Il accent (“Herro!”), we refer to them as Kinders, and we love our Kindergarten :)

  6. You should call it Sam after Sam Spade.

  7. how about Frank or Frank 2.0? You can tell hubby Frank what you and Kindle Frank did all day while he was out working hard to bring home the bacon ;)

  8. Kinny…then when you drop it and it breaks…you can say “I killed Kinny”. I know. Very SouthPark of me. Or Obe 1…sort of short for Obsession 1…and very star warry of me.

  9. I was also going to suggest Twilight names, but tamaita beat me to it.

    so…. Have you considered Rachel as a name?

  10. Laura’s suggestion made me LOL.

  11. Tommy? (after “tome”)

    I’d love to have my very own Kindle, but I have to say that I told Rick the other night that I was divorcing him to marry someone else… I’m just not as sophisticated as you, I suppose, since it was my electric blanket that I was leaving my husband to marry.

    I love my electric blanket. I want to have its love children.

  12. I’d personally go with Lucien, the librarian from the Sandman comics, if I was married to a comic book fan.

    Sadly, the librarian from the novel Snowcrash has no name.

    THGTTG is too hard to pronounce.

  13. Kin has to be out… think “Kin Doll”.

  14. Sharky/tamaita/WB, I love that y’all thought of my vampire fetish! Considering that the first book I downloaded for it is Dracula, it’s fitting in more ways than one! (The second book I downloaded is The Bible. My priorities are fine, why do you ask?)

    But what a hard decision! Spike (bloody awful poetry, HA!). Edward. Carlisle. Jasper. Angel (Angelus when he’s moody). Cullen. Eeeee! Decisions. Carlisle sounds so… literary, but Spike is so romantic and works SO HARD to please his woman. I kinda think Jasper would make a good name for my iPod, because that little device changes my mood at its whim.

    NOOC, I didn’t see it, but I kind of feel like calling him Vox would be making fun of his less-than-perfect text-to-speech function.

    GraD, those are great! I especially like Lex and Data (Goonies *is* my all-time fave movie). And I know what you mean about the electric blanket! Frank got me a fleece electric blanket for Christmas, and it’s a wonder that it hasn’t impregnated me with octuplets. (Hello, googlers.)

    Lissa, LOL!

    Instinct… Ok, you got me. I know nothing about the Maltese Falcon. I had to google Sam Spade. Don’t tell anyone, ok?

    Laura, hahahahaha! I think it would probably give husband Frank a big head, thinking I can’t go all day without a Frank by my side or in my hand or we’re just gonna stop that train of thought in its tracks.

    bikermommy, for once I approve of your humor, on both counts! I’m pleased that the Kindle is sturdy–perhaps even sturdy enough to handle my many droppings. Frank said there’s video on amazon of it being dropped over and over and not breaking. Of course, they do kill Kenny over and over.

    wb, haha. Um, no, I haven’t.

    David, that would be great, as I *am* married to a comic book fan–only thing, though. He already steals it when I’m not using it and even talks about taking up that reading thing again. If I named it Lucien, I’d have no chance of keeping it!

    ospurt, OH! You’re right. Kin Doll definitely out.

  15. Of course I’m not opposed to Cullen, but I suggest Dewey in honor of our card-cataloging maniac.

  16. glad you approve of my humor for once. i was lying awake at night hoping that would happen! ha!

  17. While it’s a lovely device due to the readability, storage, size, and efficiency. The Kindle 2 is still subject to the whim of the Author’s Guild it seems, and therefore any information that flows through the device will be ruled by a consortium of folks with an outdated view on media ownership and control.

    Publishers will control the text-to-speech feature.

    This type of feature change after the release of a product is frightening or at the very least damaging to Amazon’s market position for it’s Kindle Books.

    It amazes me that we are finding new ways to value information for it’s pertinence, quality, and timeliness on the internet but our vast riches of older written information must suffer in it’s availability due to old thinking.

    I suggest a simple solution, one media rule that rewards any media authors based on the popularity of their works as well as sociably redeeming qualities. The capitol can be generated via ads to free users, or by subscriptions to those that prefer to avoid ads.

  18. Steve’s a solid name.

  19. Ed Link……..its an anagram of Kindle.

  20. I think I would name mine Nigel…which is also what I would name my future pet hedgehog if it were male. I just like the name.

    My husband named his bass guitar Lauren (after the alter-ego I was given by a friend when he didn’t recognize me after cutting off 12 inches of hair). I’m thinking about naming my KitchenAid Mixer…

  21. JFH, ha. Yes, if I were going to name him after the other man in my life, it would probably be that spelling.

    maggie, after Macchio or vomit?

    Cullen, haha! When I put down Cullen as a potential name, I thought of you. “Well, Cullen would be pleased!” Dewey’s a great name. I was trying to explain to our Indian girl at work today why it was a great name. She just looked at me funny.

    Jon, yeah, I saw. :( But the experience is sooo not the same as an audio book. Hopefully a lot of publishers will allow it.

    bikermommy, I knew you were.

    Mark, yeah, I’m not crazy about the outcome of that either. But I still heart my Kindle.

    Gravypan, please expound…

    Chick Voice, ha! That’s great. Also, Dinkle! And Linked!

    Monica, funny you mention. I’ve toyed with naming one of the characters in my novel Nigel. I went with a different name, but I still may have a Nigel. Just not for my main villain.

  22. Mr. Giggle

    so he can be friends with Mr. Shiny (is that really how you spell shiny? or is it shiney?)

  23. maya, that’s cute. (It’s definitely shiny.)

  24. Mose. Short for Moses. Because he had the two tablets, and you’re a tablet short.