88 YEAR OLD WOMAN: I love that baby so much. She’s so cute! I just want to squeeze her to death! [long pause] . . . I probably shouldn’t say that.

88YOW: Who’s that?
NURSE: I’ve come to get your vitals.
88YOW: Okay. Am I dead yet?

NURSE: What happened to your ear?
88YOW: Someone tried to take it right off.
88YOW: Yeah. Someone bit it.
88YOW: My boyfriend.
NURSE: Well, can I take your temperature in your other ear?
88YOW: No. I can only have one boyfriend at a time.

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  1. Huh?

    And First

  2. The first one has me really laughing hard. The last one just makes me think of my dead gramma and her two boyfriends, both named Joe (I think). I always wondered if she couldn’t remember the second BF’s name, so she just called him the same as the first BF.