ME: I swear, Beethoven was a genius.
HE: Did you just say Beethoven was a genius? [laughing]
ME: Yeah. He was!
HE: That’s like saying Einstein was a genius.
ME: He was too.
HE: Carp are fish!
ME: They are!
HE: Beethoven composed music!
ME: He did!

8 Responses to genius

  1. Tracey is amazing!

  2. Okay. That’s all. I don’t want to be a pig or anything.

  3. Don’t forget awesome!

  4. The Sudden Yurt Commune is cool!

  5. SarahK hearts Jasper!

  6. No One of Consequence

    At least you didn’t preface it with “In my opinion”, a la Peggy Hill…