without context

HE: I hope your secret nickname for me is The Sexosaurus.
ME: No. I will not give you a dinosaur name. Dinosaurs are too controversial in our relationship.

6 Responses to without context

  1. “Dinosaurs are too controversial in our relationship.”

    I think I want that on a T-Shirt.

  2. I will totally put that on a tshirt if people will buy it!

  3. bikermommy

    I couldn’t wear that t-shirt as I am married to one and it is quite possible that I am one. Sexosaurus that is!hahahahahahahahaha…

  4. Ew! Ew! Parental unit sex! Visual in the brain! It burns! It burns! Get it off me!

  5. Controversy? How can dinosaurs with heavy artillery strapped to them be controversial?

  6. Cullen, ha. We actually agree on the artillery. No controversy there.