ME: I’m getting used to this Pepsi throwback. I’ll never like it, but I’m getting used to it.
HE: That’s kind of the way I feel about you.

Zoom zoom zoom!

7 Responses to Zing!

  1. Hey!! That’s my sarahk you’re talking about, pappy!

    (Still, yes, it IS a zing.)

  2. Feel free to destroy Frank on my behalf, trace.

  3. aw, I miss the constant bickering that comes with hanging out with youse guys!

  4. It’s not so much bickering as chops-busting.

  5. I’m not drinking Pepsi until they take that damn Obama logo off the can. (and he fits into the “I’ll never like it, but I’m getting used to it” category as well).

  6. what is a pepsi throwback?

  7. bikermommy

    i agree with fargus! hey…why no blogging? we miss you!