Two years!

According to the gluten meter, today I’m two years gluten-free. !!!

ME: Wow, two years gluten-free!
HE: Wow. And you feel better?
ME: Yeah. Remember how bad I felt?
HE: I remember how bad I felt from all your whining!

It’s his loving support that’s gotten me through.

I’m not entirely healed, and I know I’m taking longer than a lot of people, but considering that I suffered all my life and had three horrible years before y’all diagnosed me (thank you thank you thank you), I expected it to take two to three years to be entirely well. Plus it took me too long to figure out that I’d developed intolerances to other foods. Live and learn, peeps.

9 Responses to Two years!

  1. yay for SarahK!!!

  2. Happy two years!

    So, I don’t know if there is any way to compare the two, but when you have accidental dosings, do you feel worse or better than how bad you normally felt before being diagnosed? (like less of a migraine, or less of the digestive issues?) Seems like you could measure progress that way, or not. I don’t know.

  3. Happy 2 years, sarahk!!!

  4. It’s hard to say. I lived in constant pain back then, so I kinda got used to the pain, even though it was horrible. Not used to, as in no longer noticed, but used to, as in put on back burner, tried to ignore, failed to ignore.

    Now, I don’t live in constant pain. So when it hits, it’s a lot more powerful. Also, teeny amounts hit hard every time, and the pain is at least as bad I remember from before and usually worse.

    But I constantly read stories of people who just felt blah with gluten, and now that they’re off it, if they have a cookie, they feel awful right away.

  5. congrats on 2 yrs!!!

  6. And then when you blogged about it, you helped others…like me!

    btw…chocolate chex cereal is gf and sooo good!

  7. That’s my favorite part, that I was able to help you and others!