Kindle is good for my reading habits

My pal Spike has gotten me back on my obsessive reading track. Okay, I give Twilight and my SIL half the credit, but Spike gets the other half. I’ve read more books so far this year than in any recent year in memory. I get on series kicks and such, but the last few years, I haven’t been able to just throw myself into books at all.

I think part of why the Kindle 2 has kickstarted my reading engine again is the fact that I can listen to books at work. But I would never, in a hundred years, pay $30 for an audiobook, even if Kindle’s text-to-speech didn’t exist. I’d buy the book and it would sit there on the shelf, waiting for me to read it.

Of the thirty-two books I’ve read so far this year (and yes, some of those are re-reads), eleven were paper books: Let the Right One In, the Twilights (each read twice in paper form and twice on Kindle), Dracula, and The Host. The rest have been downloads.

I also have six currently in progress, and having the Kindle means that I don’t have to find my place every time (I always lose bookmarks), and my nightstand isn’t stacked shoulder-high with books!

So in case I haven’t mentioned it a billion times, I love love love my Kindle.

4 Responses to Kindle is good for my reading habits

  1. I agree, I have read more with my Kindle 2 this year than I did in the 6 years I left college lol. This has been a great investment for me as I now have an excuse to read. I need to make back my Kindle investment, so I am reading reading reading

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  2. Yeah, you talked me into one as well. Another plus – unlike a paperback you can seal it up in a ziplock bag and read in the tub! I still wish they’d fix the part about not being able to sort my stuff into folders, though.

  3. If you see this comment, sarahk, (note the ‘h’ is still on there), it has arrived and the review is up.

  4. Oh, also, wanted you to know, it’s your fault I bought one of these things. Therefore, when I put myself in to the poor house, 80 and 99 cents at a time, that will also be your fault.

    Thought you might like to know.

    (What? With THE ONE in office, we don’t have to be held personally responsible for our own actions anymore. Right? Where’s my unicorn? I need some skittles.)