Get a grip, Lizzy

On Twitter, Jake Tapper linked to this story about Rep. Jim McDermott’s staffer wigging out when someone called her Liz instead of Elizabeth. She’s a real piece of work, not one to win friends and influence people. Go over there and read the email thread–it’s full of loser. (And may I just tell you how much I hate it when people say “past time” when they mean “pastime”? A lot much.) And this part cracks me up:

My name has a lot of “nicknames” which I don’t use. I use either my first name or my last name because I row with a lot of other women who share the same first name.

(Um, what’s with the quotes around nicknames?) The offender here is someone who clearly does not know good ol’ Betty, and she’s offhandedly mentioning that she’s on a rowing team. Or, heck, I don’t know Lizbeth at all, and I hate to presume, lest I be reprimanded umpteen times in an email thread–maybe she means she fights with lots of women who share her name. Well, if they act anything like dear E-Liz, I imagine she does.

(BTW, you can call me whatever you want–just don’t leave the h off my name.)

7 Responses to Get a grip, Lizzy

  1. (BTW, you can call me whatever you want–just don’t leave the h off my name.)

    Sure thing, sarak

    does Lisa come from Elizabeth? cuz if so, that’s one you coulda used.

  2. Don’t make me start emailing you!

    I also could have used Beth, Betsy… as she said, there are a lot of “nicknames.”

  3. Betsy? huh. Didn’t know, or make the connection.

    And oh yeah: I think Liz might by cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

  4. Also, Buffy.

  5. She did kind of fly off the handle didn’t she.

  6. I’d call her the Virgin Queen.

    And also, you can call me whatever you want – just don’t leave the h off my name!