Wrong button

So I have my Bible on my Kindle–I don’t even carry the big giant copy to church or Bible study with me anymore, because I have a Bible that fits in my purse. I can highlight it, take notes in it, search it, etc. Until there’s a Kindle version of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible (also wouldn’t mind a Nelson Study Bible), I’m happy with it. Oh, and it was free (I see they’re now charging $7.99 for it).

Yesterday morning, we were sitting in Bible class after worship, studying Revelation. I had my Kindle open to the passage we were studying, and I decided I wanted to make the font bigger. To increase the font size, you push the font button and then use the little clicker to scroll to the size you want. However, you use the same font button to turn on text-to-speech. Instead of scrolling to the sides, you scroll down and then click the clicker.

You can see where this is going. I went to make the font bigger, and I turned on text-to-speech instead (kind of a reflexive action, since I do this all the time and I hardly ever change the font size).

I realized what I had done before Spike even started talking.

And I panicked.

I know, because I do this all the time, that to turn it off, you simply hit the font button again, scroll down, and click. So naturally my first panicky instinct was to hit the power switch and try to turn it off. The screen saver came on, and of course, it read to me anyway.

“Sorry! Sorry! I tried to change the font size! Sorry!” Everyone was laughing, I was fumbling to turn it back on, then go to the font window. The preacher teaches the class, and he had to stop down and wait for me to turn it off. (He, too, was laughing at me.)

Did I mention that the last time I’d used text-to-speech, I was washing dishes and had it turned all the way up? But of course.

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5 Responses to Wrong button

  1. at least it wasn’t in the middle of a sermon. now that really would have been funny. i mean…uh…:)

  2. I was glad it wasn’t in the middle of a prayer or the Lord’s Supper.

  3. That is funny. I panicked when my phone went off in church once. I never turned it off because I rarely get calls on my cell phone. It was work trying to get me to come in. I now turn off my cell phone before church!

  4. Is Webster’s dictionary on Kindle?

    …and…how do you search in it?

  5. I’m not sure if Webster’s is. It comes with the New Oxford Dictionary. To search it, when you’re in the book, you just start typing and then hit Find. Boom, it takes you there.