See’s Candies – now with allergen info!

Word UP, See’s. I love you. I’ve loved you for many years, ever since I won two pounds of you as a prize playing Bunco at church on New Year’s Eve. And now I know which of you I can eat, which means that I no longer have to sigh when I see the store full of you in the mall.

5 Responses to See’s Candies – now with allergen info!

  1. See’s is one of the best parts about living out here. For the first wedding anniversary that we celebrated after having moved to Oregon, my husband have me a See’s gift card that he continues to refill when it is running low.

  2. Just stay away from the fruit surprises. Probably not an allergen issue, just plain yucky. See’s is the default birthday or Christmas present we give my dad, and you don’t know how hard it is to wait for him to open it and grab the first piece before we can steal any.

  3. Mandy, that’s so sweet!

    Maya, I can’t remember if I’ve ever had the fruit surprises. The raspberry creams? I could live on those babies. (And yeah, I bet I do know how hard it is to wait.)

  4. Keep in mind….it’s almost your birthday and I happen to have a See’s candy down the street…..I’m just sayin’…..I just don’t know what you can have.

  5. Oh, um. Well. You know I like to be helpful, so this link is their allergen list. And at the very bottom of the list are the chocolates that HAVE gluten, so I can’t have the things at the bottom of the list. Everything else is safe.

    If you’d like additional guidance, I love all the dark chocolates, especially nuts and chews. My very faves, though, are the raspberry creams.

    I mean, just by way of being helpful with my information. ;)