Six days

Including today. Then I’m retired! Here’s a list of some of the things I plan to do during my retirement (in no particular order):

Write novels.
A lot.
Hang out in my hammock with my Kindle.
A lot.
Walk the dog.
Get in shape.
Spend a lot more time on the IMAO/mm/SRM blog empire.
A lot.
Make t-shirts, including that one I promised Tracey.
Scrapbook decades of pictures and movie stubs and such.
Bead. I like to bead. I apologize.
Hike on weekends w/ my sweetie.
Study the Bible more.
Hopefully a lot.
Take care of the house.
A lot.

20 Responses to Six days

  1. sounds like fun.

  2. woo hoo! sounds lovely:)

  3. I get all of my American Idol updates from you, since I can’t stand to watch the show. So, this works out well for me. Have you ever thought of snarking Biggest Loser?

  4. Congrats on the retirement. Now that I’m the temporary breadwinner of the household, I can only sigh wistfully at your new life.

    Hope there’s some camping as part of your fun.

  5. Don’t forget to rest on the seventh day.

  6. So will the scrapbooking include the pictures with a face cut out?

  7. Walter, all except the cleaning will be fun. I’m not one of those people who just loves to clean. I do know people like that, though. They are crazy.

    Marcy, yes.

    cjtony, I don’t think I can make fun of fat people trying to lose weight. The one or two times I’ve watched the show, it just made me cry. But I do intend to add to my list of shows I blog.

    Jenn, I hope it’s gluten-free bread you’re winning for your household. ;) I’ve been wistful sighing for a while now, so I understand. Camping? I hope so too. We have no excuse not to camp at Yellowstone, since it’s 6.5 hours away.

  8. Ophir, don’t worry. I plan to rest a little every day and hopefully a lot on the 7th. But the best laid plans…

    Jeffrey, it’s doubtful.

  9. I am so envious of you! Congratulations!!

  10. Thanks, GullyB!

  11. There were a lot of “a lot”s in there…and one hopefully a lot…let’s change that one to “a whole lot” and include “visit my mommy more” … then you have a great list. oh…and I’m jealous.

  12. I hear what you’re sayin’. There is drama and unlikeable characters on the show, but they do get outshined by the sheer inspiring nature of it all. It’s the only reality show I will watch religiously. So, now you have to add “build new fence” to your list?

  13. More like “nag Frank about fence.”

  14. LOL, I’m skimcoating walls because of a similar item on a list.

  15. Hooray to all those things!

    But especially my t-shirt. ;-)

  16. Umm 4 days?

    Please Mamm, can you post some more?

  17. cjtony, I don’t know what that means.

    tracey, you have NO idea how bad I feel about that shirt. And the other thing I’m doing.

    Lou, I prooooomise I will. I’ll have actual time for it!

  18. Excuse me. Skimcoating is putting a thin layer of drywall mud on a wall to smooth it out. laborious and time consuming. One must be nagged incessantly in order to begin the process.

  19. I see. When you’re done, I have some wallpaper that needs removing.

  20. : ) Sure thing!