Ok, so my hammock taunts me. Absolutely taunts me. It knows that I retire today, and it most certainly knows that I plan to spend at least a little bit of every day lying in it reading my Kindle, sipping fresh-made veggie juice (I’m a boring excuse for a leisurely housewife, I know), yelling at the dog, etc.

So my hammock stand arrived Wednesday (thank you, bikermommy, for the Amazon certificate that bought it), and I assembled it Wednesday night after our Bible study group left. It took about ten minutes, because it’s the easiest assembly ever. So Frank came out to help me, and I was putting the S-hooks in each end of the stand. I asked him to go get the hammock from the garage. He brought it back, and when I went to hang it… the chains are too short, and my hammock doesn’t reach to both ends! I was sure I would be testing out ye olde trusty hammock before I went to bed Wednesday night… you know, to prepare myself for how awesome my afternoons will be.

So I need my extension chains. I have them, you know. In a box. In the garage. I went out and checked all the boxes. My boxes are labeled in detail. If there is a screwdriver in the box, it says so on the outside. Screwdriver (phillips). Dryer cord. Vise grip. 5/8″ wrench. (Ok, not as detailed as to tell the size of the wrench, but you get the picture.)

Naturally, none of the garage boxes is labeled with “hammock chains,” even though I clearly remember labeling a box with hammock chains. I know I did it.

Which means that I have to unpack the garage boxes this weekend so my hammock is available to me on Monday. If I get all the way through the boxes with no hammock chains, I may have to go back to work. Or Home Depot, I don’t know.

UPDATE: The chains have been located. By accident, really. I was scanning my gameroom boxes for something else, and there with my softball glove were the hammock chains.

6 Responses to Taunted UPDATED

  1. Dude, I’d go to Home Depot before undoing all those boxes. But then I’m lazy and don’t mind having two sets of things (when I finally DO find the original item)

  2. We only have 5 garage boxes, so it probably won’t take as long to unpack these as it would to go to home depot and search the store (because, you know, I cannot ask for help at any store, ESPECIALLY Home Depot, because I’m neurotic), get lost in the paint aisle looking at paint colors, then the bathroom countertops aisle looking at countertops that I cannot get for a while, and check out and drive home and all that.

  3. happy houswifeing!!
    after all a happy wife means a happy life :)

  4. I think that’ll be my new motto, Laura!

  5. Don’t take those taunts… I’m sure some clothesline will suffice in lieu of chains until they turn up!

  6. you’re welcome. glad you got something you are going to love like i love you!