In case y’all are wondering where I am today:

I’ll be here:

wearing this:

mourning this news:

and writing nasty letters to this:

17 Responses to In case y’all are wondering where I am today:

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  2. lottiedottie

    I just saw the news and I knew I had to come over here to see how you were handling your grief. I see dark days ahead for my love of reality TV. :-(

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  4. I for one am relieved you have the hammock as a place you can go mourn/write nasty letters–I shudder to think what you’d resort to, otherwise. ;)

  5. shut yer piehole?!!! hahahha, i love it… and i’m hoping to see more of you on imao now that you’re retired! yayyyy sarahk.

  6. Bah, good riddance to Paula. She never gave any good criticism to the singers. Just nonsensical rah rah crap. I disliked her as a judge from season 1. I like the new lady.

  7. all this talk about AI and all I see is “Wow, what a beautiful back yard!” oh..sorry about Paula.

  8. lottie, me too. Me too.
    Kate, it’s a scary thought, isn’t it?
    ma, I KNOW, right? And that’s just one small piece of it.

  9. That looks like a real nice hammock. I envy you.

  10. brandylu, you’re gonna lose your stalker cred! And yes, I’ll probably be around all three of the blogs more now.

    Gren, without Paula’s crazy and sometimes coherent ramblings, the show will be so bland. And Kahra talks ten times as long as she needs to, because she likes to hear herself talk.

    Walter, thank you, it is a real nice hammock. :)

  11. Boo Pinkytoing Whoo

    I’m going on vacation.

  12. Anywhere exciting, Lou?

  13. Without Paula, the contestants might actually get some constructive and needed criticism from all THREE judges now.

  14. It’s tragic. TRAGIC. Don’t even know if I’ll watch anymore.

  15. Paula sure looks like she’s on drugs……

    Just sayin…..

    That sweatiness is reminiscent of Whitney Houston (Bob-AY!!!!!!!!!) and her sweat towel on stage on what I think was Clive Davis’ concert tribute.

    Sad sight, for both such talents…….

  16. No kidding, my immediate thought when I heard the news was….SarahK will never blog AI again. And thus, I will no longer watch. Because everyone knows the purpose of watching AI is to then go read your blogs. HOWEVER, I heard that there is a possibility Pohlar will be back once they make it to the live rounds. So she won’t be around for the auditions, or Hollywood week but she’ll be around later. One can only hope. I don’t know if I can sit through The Evil One’s ramblings.

    P.S. Sorry you missed the wedding! :)

  17. Jess, us too. We couldn’t make it work. And CONGRATULATIONS!

    Also, thank you for only watching AI for my posts. :)