New blogdaughter!

Well, I was going to wait until my newest blogdaughter had a week of posts going before I told y’all about her, but… well, I’m excited. I haven’t had a new blogchild in a long time (at least not any that I know about), and I’ve neglected all of my blogchildren for many moons now… so I’m just gonna go ahead and tell y’all about Ann. (Aside–I am going to try to be better to all my blogchildren, and I’m going to try to start reading my blogroll again. Promise. Oh, also? I’m really going to make an effort to blog at least once everyday. It’s a goal.)

I know Ann in real life, not just virtually, and I like her okay. Just kidding, I like her very much. She’s spiritual and kind and witty and a ton of fun. I’ve gotten to know her a little better while I’m helping set up her blog, and I’m really glad about that.

Okay, so… what to tell you? Ann is an artist. I’ve seen her sketches and her first watercolor, and she’s so talented. One of the goals of her blog is to help her grow more as an artist, and I’m hoping we get to see some of her pieces through her blog. Well, I’m hoping y’all do. I already get to, so nyah. Ann is a writer, suffering writer’s block, and she’s going to make herself write. Word up from the writer’s corner. And she’s 50 and trying to get healthy. (She should play along in the We Can Wiirk It Out club.)

She has a wicked cool blog name (maybe I’m biased because I helped her come up with it, but I’d still think it’s cool).

Alright, enough ado. Go see Ann at ANNalogue. Say hi and welcome her to the blogosphere!

3 Responses to New blogdaughter!

  1. That was so sweet, I’m tearing up (sniff). You said some very nice things about me, THANKS A LOT…no pressure there! But the encouraging words about my art did swell my head just a tad, I truly appreciate that.

  2. Hey, you’re welcome–I meant every word!

  3. Ha!!! I thought this was completely new right up to where I commented! I am such a ditz (and not EVEN blond)