I can’t stop laughing at this

Ever since Frank drew this comic, his first in at least a year, every time I look at it, I crack up. It’s my eyes in the last few panes that just slays me.

10 Responses to I can’t stop laughing at this

  1. Like Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story – he used your ANGRY EYES.

  2. Tooooooooo funny! You’re so cute when you’re a mad dog with guns!

  3. “Because I don’t want to and I have lots of guns!” hahaha – that frame alone is a work of art. I also love the table with the flower. It is a very nice touch.

  4. “I’ll be black”

  5. Hahahahahahaha! The cute and insane sarahk. That’s my favorite one.

  6. The Lovely and Talented SarahK ™ defeats the One!

  7. *grin* Yes, the eyes make you look like a kid in a candy store. Except, in this case, it’s a gun store.

  8. You have such a cute bow! And guns.

  9. That reminds me that “buy guns” is still on my to-do list. :( Not good that it isn’t already done.

  10. Hi, SarahK!

    I haven’t seen one of Frank’s famous cartoons in ages. It’s great to see that he still has it. And the enormously talented, sensible and well armed, SarahK!